Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Purpose

I'm a faker, as in, I sometimes prefer to fake things.  Prepare for this oral presentation?  Nah, I'd rather fake it.  How many weeks is a cow pregnant for?  58.  Is it true?  I have no idea.  I made that number up.  Cooking some sauce?  Throw in a little of this and a little of that, I'm sure that's right.  Read a pattern?  Maybe the first time, but then I just make stuff up.  

Sometimes, people ask me real questions, and I answer, quickly and confidently.  And I have no idea if I just lied or not.  Because I'm faking it.  I often like to just try and do something myself, and if I encounter trouble,  then I'll look up how others have done it.

All that to say, I kinda just started this blog thing, and made it up as I went along.  Remember Cake Week 2012??  I totally just made that up.  I mean, it was awesome, but it was also just something I did.  As is much of this blog. 

So now I've been thinking, to what purpose?  Why am I blogging?  Is it enough to blog simply because I'm alone in my house the majority of my hours and my dog doesn't talk back?  I've been feeling a little introspective, which generally goes hand-in-hand with me being out of sorts, and so I've been absent for a bit.  I would like to keep blogging, I've met friends and learned tons and all that jazz.  But when schedules start weighing on me and life picks up (and continues to pick up, as it's sure to do), I realize the need to prioritize.  However, when you're doing something with no stated purpose, it's hard to figure out where it goes on the priority list.

So here's what I know:
  • My mom reads this - Hi mom!

  • You all don't come here for my photography skills (see above) - therefore, my purpose is not a photography-centered one.  It's also not cooking or baking.  While I do take pictures and cook and bake, I do none of it with excessive skill or even a modicum of regularity, and so those things aren't it.  It's also not crafts, although I do those.  And it's not marriage advice or (heaven forbid) parenting.  I don't always get deep into issues of faith and the absolute AWESOMENESS of my God.  I don't teach or instruct or do, not all the time, and those are not the reasons that I blog here.  It's also not home improvement or health and fitness or housecleaning or car maintenance or pet training or living frugally.

  • I don't blog for my biz.  You know, the one where I made purses and wallets and things for a while, and then stopped and then sorta started again?  Well, maybe you don't know, but I did do all of that, and I promoted it on here for a little bit, but again, not with any sense of regular-ness or actual puprose.

So I'm wondering, shouldn't there be SOME purpose to all of this?  I don't desire to just add my voice to the noise, to write just so it will be read.  I have a small feeling, and inkling, really, of why I do this.  Of what purpose there is, but it's faint and hard to put into words just yet.  So I'm going to sit on it, to wait and think and study on it, and hopefully get it all figured out this week.  

But now, instead of writing all sorts of encouraging things in the comments (which I know you sweet-hearted people would do), tell me, if you blog, why you blog.  To what purpose?  What do you hope to share?  Bah, or just leave me a link to your favorite recipe or funny cat picture.  Whatever!  

Twisting in turmoil,


  1. My blog was started to keep my sanity. Being home with 4 kids 9-2, while my husband spun our lives around to leave his classroom and join the fire department at the age of 34. I started teaching in what seemed like a whole other world - a Catholic school, 2 counties away. And I felt all alone. I think really started as a plea for help, to know that other people were living this same insanity and got it. Now, just to share my world. I have made so made great friends through my blog, I would never change a thing.

  2. Right there with ya... sometimes i feel like i'm getting a solid answer to "why" and then it seems to evaporate like the mist when challenged. I can tell you why i don't like it.. i don't like the idea of self-promotion. i don't like to think that i'm trying to do it out of a need to be validated.
    I can also tell you why i love it.. most simply i'd say its because i'm encouraged by others... if it's in a proper balance. (out of balance it looks like "EVERYBODY is awesome and i @*ahhhh!" thats when its time to shut it down!=))
    There's something wonderful and encouraging about being able to see other women doing the same work i am called to do.. making a home.. being intentional about being a good wife... sharing Christ in whatever way that looks like. I seek out women who are real, open, creative, those who can look at life with humor and find beauty in the mess.
    So i'm concluding that i do it for relationships. If it becomes about something other then that, it seems that's when it takes me away from God, husband, or other relationships around me that i should be putting energy into. it's challenging and i think it's good to think often about "WHY"

  3. You are sharing your humorous with the world. So you are a humanitarian. Nuff said.

  4. btw.. a cow has the same reproductive cycle as a woman.. in case you really want to know. monthly "heats" and 9 months of pregnancy. =)

  5. What's interesting is that just about every blogger (myself included) has had one of these posts at some point. Katrina (the poorganic girl, 'member?) just had hers a few weeks ago. I did about six months ago, I think. I hope you find what you are looking for. As for me, I come here because I met you in person, which makes you infinitely funnier because I can picture how you talk :) I like your perspective on life. Your blog is light, funny, interesting, varied and I always walk away feeling happier. You are a breath of fresh air to my soul. I hope that makes sense.

  6. I do not blog so I can't participate in that part of the conversation. But I am your mom and feel compelled to comment. You said you hope to 'get it all figured out this week." Well, I just want to encourage you that if you're able to get it all figured out this week, you ought to stay on here because you definitely have something to offer. I have a lot to figure out this week and no hopes of it happening so I am an admirer of yours right now. Well, ok, always.

  7. I started blogging as a hobby, but now, it's more somehow. It's not a business, so I guess it's still a hobby, but I really love it. I do it for me. It helps to get stuff out, to tell our story, to remember. I feel like it's a record of sorts, a record of my life and our little family. I don't suppose I will stop anytime soon. I hope one day my kids will read it and they will know me better, they will understand a little more of our history.

    I guess that's it.


  8. LOVE this. It's so refreshing to see a fellow blogger wrestling with her purpose in this big 'ol saturated food/life/healthy bloggy world. When I started my blog, I felt the need to sing out about the workings in my heart - my first post was a response of sorts to the "A Thousand Gifts" book by Ann Voskamp. It radically changed my heart and I just needed to ... tell people.

    Since then, I've tried to stick to the same purpose - write for joy. Write as a journey toward thankfulness. Why? Because it's so easy to get busy and grumpy and sleepy and miss the little things that are gifts in our lives.

    You can go back and read it, if you'd like.

    I'm actually about to transition the blog to a new site and am going to debut my first "new" post with my original post. Just so the lifeblood stays the same :)

  9. Girl,
    You've got voice and spunk. I hope you don't quit, but I know rethinking your purpose is good. The why of it all might help define what you really want from it.


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