Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

So there was this weekend... a four-day weekend, really, that started on Friday and rolled right on into Monday.  Like, today, Monday.  Handsome had 3 of the 4 days off, which made it feel so festivious (not to be confused with the holiday, festivus), and ... well, it was just what this lady needed.  Between Clemson football, Paramedic clinical hours, my many trips, and life in general, I've been missing my man.  Sometimes I think that maybe, if I didn't like him so much, it would be easier.  But really, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to resist his charms ;)

We went scouting for deer.  I would like to note that in the above picture, although my man is wearing suspenders, I am not.  That's a purse strap.  For my snacks.  And water bottle.  And kindle.  Because you never know what you're going to need whilst traipsing around the woods looking for sign of deer activity.  We did find some activity, and I'm proud to say that I can now correctly identify a deer rub.  See?

Deer Rub

(Whitetail) Deer routinely do this to small trees, for two reasons: to shed their velvet (a soft covering on growing antlers) in early Fall, and to mark their territory.  That's your nature lesson for the day.  If you find a whole bunch of these in the same area, that's a good sign (according to my outdoorsman of a husband) that bucks frequent the area, and would be a good place to set up a hunting spot.

We didn't find a whole bunch of those.  At least, not in the first half of walking around in God's (hilly-although-hubs-said-it-would-be-flat) creation.  After the first half, I went and sat in the truck and read, terrified not of getting totally worn out, but of getting out in the middle of nowhere and having to pee.  Just being honest.  Being pregnant and attempting to drink 120 oz. of water a day will make those fears a reality if you don't plan properly!

I had been nervous about going out at all, until I realized that I hadn't been out and about in the wild outdoors for way too long, and I wanted Dante to think I was cool again.  I know, that seems silly, but he's a big fan of the outdoors, and I generally am too.  But since I hadn't been out there much, I was afraid that he'd think I was no fun anymore.  And since he asked me if I wanted to come along, I figured I'd win some points if I said yes.  It's peer pressure, sure, but in the best way.

I think he does think I'm kinda cool again.  Winning!

While we were walking, he told me not to go and make the trip into some dumb photo shoot, so I won't show you the pictures I took of his back while he scouted, just to irritate him.  Instead, we'll pretend that I'm a lovely wife who waited until we went our separate ways to capture these photos...

It was just so nice to be out and about, before this coldness came to be.  The high today in SC is 56, which I do believe is the lowest yet.  I know that inside our house it is only 62, due to sheer stubbornness on both my & the hubs's part.  We're not turning on the heat until at least November, and we're trying to figure out a way to use the fireplace in the basement (although inconveniently not piped to the rest of the house) as a way to put that date off even longer!  Let's just say that wool socks are king in my house.  Don't be afraid to come visit, either, I've got a pair you can borrow!

<3 M.

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  1. Ahaha, we were wusses and had the heat on at the beginning of this month.


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