Friday, November 23, 2012

My Friday Feels Bright, Not Black!

Hey all.

I'm good, how are you?

I can't even explain to you how much I love hot chocolate.
Know this: It's a lot.
Like, however much you think I might love hot chocolate, doubled.
Times 100000.

Are you tired?  Were you shopping or did you just overdose on tryptophan?  I'm feeling pleasantly spry this morning.  I've got the Frank Sinatra Holiday Station pumping, and I've been doing some good cleaning and project-finishing-up!  Now is my time for some Cheeseburger Soup (I've had 4+ thanksgivings this month, I'm turkey-ed out!), a bit of netflix, and then some more projects ;)

In case you're wondering, I used to be a black friday shopper.  In fact, I even tried to be one of the door-buster-at-the-mall people once, which is no easy feat when you're 2+ hours from any mall, anywhere.  I didn't make it.  I also used to go to VS every year, spend my $50 so I got the free tote, go home, list the tote for sale on Ebay, and make my $50 back.  It was rewarding, until the tote bags turned into cheap-o things no one wanted.

But now, I'm an online-browser, pajama-wearer, hot chocolate-sipper.  I'm a sleep-in-er, too, which is much nicer than the 3AM wake up call.  I've done a bit of shopping today, mostly with left-over gift cards from our baby shower.  Spending other people's money makes it ever so nice!  I've got some of the deals I hit up today laid out below, but where ever you shop online, I want you to know about Ebates.  They're AWE$OME.  I accidentally did that with the "$", but it's appropriate so I left it.

Ebates is a website that you shop from.  They don't sell anything (that I know of).  But you go, for example, to  Then you search "Home Depot".  They say something to the effect of "Shop at and earn 6% cashback!".  Then you click "shop now" and boom, done.  You see no more of ebates, you only see home depot, and you buy the things you wanted to buy.  If you're like me, this consists of an orbital sander that you then pick up 4 hours later at your local store, and thus begins your love affair with mechanized sanding.  Seriously people, I could be out there, sanding away, all. day. long.

Anyhow, once a quarter, ebates mails you a check.  Like, legit.  I don't do a ton of online shopping, but I've gotten little checks in the mail for $12.16 or $17.25 or whatever.  It's always a nice surprise.  And sometimes, they have coupon codes.  If they don't, you can always hit up for some coupon codes that you can apply, even if you're already using ebates to get cashback.  Isn't that wild?  I'm pretty psyched.  Can't wait to see what my total "back" is.

Honorable mention deals:

But remember, don't just go to the shops.  Hit up Ebates first, sign up (I swear, I've never gotten anything spammy from them, nor have I ever gotten anything in the mail.  Except cash.  Which is sweet.  And by cash, I mean a check, but whatever.).  Note: I think there is some sort of referral thing, but I'm not concerned with that.  I just wanted you to know how awesome Ebates is.  Because it's the season of giving.
<3 M.


  1. I used to hit black friday and it was fun. But that was when my kids were young and toys are always some of the best deals. It was also when black friday meant hitting stores at 5am, not 8pm thanksgiving day.

    The deals are much better online considering you don't have to wait outside in line and then wait another 45 minutes in line. The last time I shopped black friday I waited almost 30 minutes in line at the first store. I was only buying about $40 in stuff and sure saving another $40+ but it really wasn't worth it since I was missing more store stuff at the next stop. Online is where it's at! I don't shop often either but I should check out ebates just to add to it, you never know how it adds up :)

    1. Do check it out! It's not an alternate source of income, but it is a nice surprise when it adds up and you get $20 in the mail or something ;) And I'm glad we're on the same page with the BF shopping!

  2. This is totally unrelated, M. but have you ever been to the Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC? If you have HOW GOOD IS THEIR CHOCOLATE???? If you have NOT, YOU HAVE TO GO. In fact, let's meet up there, because if you have never been, girlfriend, you don't KNOW hot chocolate. Mmmmm....mmmmm. Let's go!

    1. I have NOT! We must go. And preferably before Christmas. I can go most weekdays, we're not constrained to weekends. Let me know! Oh, I'm so excited!!

  3. Wait a freaking second. This sounds amazing. I wish I would have known about it on Friday when I was shopping online, anyway!!

    1. So sorry! I didn't even think about sharing it until I realized how much I was using it yesterday! It can still be helpful, though :) I've got $13 waiting for me right now! Get on it, girl!

  4. Um, this post is like gold. GOLD! Thanks so much, M!

    (And also, not to totally eaves drop on the comments, but is Asheville, NC Food Heaven USA? It's one of my dream future living locations...mostly for the food, and for the mountains.)

    1. I hope you get a lot of ebates! It's so fun! And eavesdrop away! I've honestly never eaten in Asheville. Criminal, I know! I hear a lot of good things about it, though, and the mountains really are gorgeous. Check out Amy Sullivan's blog (, she is (1) super awesomely likeable, and (2) a resident of Asheville. I'm sure she could tell you more about it! xoxo

    2. Correction:


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