Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On This Morning

On this morning, it's still dark.  It seemed dark as night just 40 minutes ago when I accidentally woke up.  I had to good fortune of sleeping the night through... wait, no, now that I remember it, I did wake up once.  Either way, I slept pretty soundly (really wish I wouldn't have remembered that, I liked the slept-the-night-through version better).  I then realized I had had the even better fortune of waking up about 10 minutes after Husband's alarm should have gone off.  Then it's hurry-scurry to get him out the door on time.

On this morning, I wanted to lock the door, instead.  Pull down the blinds (because we've finally got some in the bathrooms!), and stay in here today.  Claim a contentious objector day, and simply not participate in the goings ons around us.

On this morning, I wanted to turn towards my love, snuggle up, and slip back off to dream land for at least a good 4 more hours.  Then it would have been pancakes.  I've been dreaming about pancakes for about 4 days now.  Not my "healthy" pancakes.  Not my usual flapjacks.  Big, fluffy, syrup-stealing, stick to your ribs pancakes.  And some bacon, if I had some.

On this morning, I wish I had bacon.


My Handsome, he's tired.  Working a full-time job (that is currently running a good bit of overtime), a part-time job, and taking full-time paramedic classes, along with squeezing in 250 hours of both hospital clinicals and EMS ride-alongs, it wears on a guy.  On this morning, I wish I could fix that weariness for him.  Feed him pancakes and bacon and give him the gift of time where nothing is demanded of him.  Instead, I brew his coffee, pack his lunch, and send him out the door with a smooch, an "I love you!" and a "two days off!", reminding him of what waits on the other side of today. 

And now, on this morning, the light is coming up.  The sky is tinged with pink blue and purple, a cotton candy factory.  I'm only peaking at it through the window, because I'm not sure I want to accept it.  I'm also scared of a gust of cold wind coming at me, as our windows have me beat by a good 12 years.  

On this morning, I'm considering wrapping our screens in clear plastic, a sort of makeshift storm window.  There'd still be gaps, but less wind would get through... I'll have to think on this more.  

What are you doing on this morning?
<3 M.


  1. Hey, friend. We rushed out the door this morning for our Tuesday school group meeting. I hauled a dessert for our Thanksgiving luncheon with said group. Kids were pokey and I did not lose my temper. That is what I call a good morning!

    1. Aaay! Any time you manage to get through something like that WITH your temper intact, that's a really good morning! Hope your Tuesday meeting & Thanksgiving went well!


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