Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Without ado...

(I'd say "without further ado" but there was no "ado" to begin with, so... )

1.  I burned a candle all day, straight through the walls of itself, and down, down, down the side of my fan-flippin-tastic husband's dresser.  I did all of this not 72 hours after pointing out to him how awesome it was that the candle was so wide, you didn't have to put it on a plate or anything, because it wouldn't leak.


2.  And then I did it again not 16 hours later.  Because I'm smart.  That's why.

3.  I put  myself on restriction last week (I don't say "diet") - No fried food, no baked goods, no candy.  Mostly due to the fact that my doctor gave me a talkin' to last OB appointment.  Apparently I gained a leetle too much weight a leetle too fast... Of course, between my previous appointment and the one where I got the talkin' to, there was hot chocolate week, and the trip to PA to eat all of the ALF food, and a(n ongoing) love affair with cold cereal and... well, yeah, all of that.  So the confession part is, even though I put myself on restriction, I somehow managed to gain 2 1/2 pounds this week... eek!  So tomorrow's OB appointment should be interesting ;)

4.  I've also got my sugar test tomorrow, and I'm sorta nervous about failing it.  And at the same time, I want to celebrate passing it (assuming I pass it) with a cinnamon roll the size of my head.  The refrain running through my head is, "I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore so I can eat whatever I want."  Which I know, is backwards, but hey, that's the sitch.

5.  I'm 100% in love with my handsome husband.  Seriously.  He's wonderful, and the best part is, he likes me back!   We got to get away for a bit today, took a nice walk through the local gardens.  Which sounds totally European.  And it's just so nice to be married to someone who likes you.  And to feel European.

6.  I'm totally craving hot chocolate again.  Like, all the time.  It goes right along with the urge to be someone who owns a couch like this and cuddles up with a blanket like this in front of a roaring fire like this, watching my all-time favorite movie (all images stolen from google):

mmm... yes please!
7.  I'm feeling a bit torn about Thanksgiving.  We don't have any family coming down, we don't have any friends planning to come over... I mean, I love the food, and I love thankfulness (it makes the world go 'round)... I just don't know that we're going to be celebrating large-style this year.  I'm thinking turkey breasts, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy.  Maybe even a pumpkin cheesecake to break the restriction.  But really only enough for 2 people, with leftovers for 3 days (because it's only right).  Or maybe not.  Meh ;)

<3 M.


  1. Don't feel too badly about the weight gain. I put on more than 50 pounds with each of my pregnancies. I stopped counting at 50lbs, but my doctor did not. It came off.

    I just had very big, well fed babies.

    The candle mishap - that's why I buy candles in a jar.

    1. The jars. Oh, the jars. If only I had gotten a jar :) I just can't believe (yet somehow can) that I managed to do it twice in less than 24 hours! haha, oh well. And my hubs keeps telling me "you're just going to have a really big baby" which is not as comforting as you'd think, being as I'm staring down the wrong side of labor and delivery ;)

  2. HI I am visiting from the link -up! I totaly understand what you say about Thanksgiving. It is my husband and I, and our one year old. I made Thanksgiving last year, and that was a lot of work- plus our daughter was like 3 months old. I don't really feel like doing all that again this year. Maybe just getting one of those meals from the stores or something. Haha. Happy Thanksgiving either way!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by! I can't believe you did all that work with a 3-month-old! No wonder you don't feel up to it! Go out, let someone who gets paid for it do the dishes, and enjoy your day!

  3. I have done the same thing with numerous candles!! I'd buy the wider ones because, you know, you don't need to put a plate under them. Come back an hour later and lkjalksdjflkasdf! I switched to jar candles after a while.

  4. Dude. I know I'm going to get a talkin' to at my next appt, because they have my "pre-pregnancy" weight at my nekkid weight, because that's the only way I've ever weighed myself. So here I am, at almost 15 weeks, and my doc thinks I've gained almost 11 lbs, when really... I've gained about 5. It's not my fault I don't strip down to my skivvies when she wants to weigh me. It is, however, my fault that I gave her the wrong weight at the beginning. I felt like such a chub when she was like, "oh, you gained 6 lbs over the past four weeks!" I was thinking, "Well, I'm wearing these super cute boots that account for about a third of that..."
    Anyway, that was the most rambling I've done in a while. Bah.

    You should celebrate passing your sugar test with some hot cocoa and a cinnamon roll, because you deserve it.

    Thanks for linking up last week, Mariah!


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