Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surviving December

It seems lately that every other blog post I read is about somebody having a handful of hectic days, the lovely mixed in with the chaos, and surviving it.  I thought you all should know, I'm surviving it too.  The lovely, the chaotic, the busy, the tired, the mess... it's wonderful and exhausting and, best of all, survivable.  I think it's something to do with this time of year, the mix of beauty and difficulty.  But always survivable.

This picture is from when we went out for Handsome's birthday dinner.
It was a great time.
As an aside: I lack the capability to wear a decorative scarf.
Totally can't pull it off.
Don't try and help either, I'm beyond even wanting to learn.

Believe you me, I'm going to need December to be survivable.  That wicked handsome husband of mine?  He's got his work cut out for him this month.  Hours upon hours of clinicals, rounding out an already full-to-the-brim schedule.  Oh, and all in the first 20 days of the month, since we're planning to tempt fate/trust the Almighty, whatever you want to call it, and drive 650 north when I'm 34 weeks pregnant.  And then 650 miles south when I'm 35 weeks.  Because that's how we roll.  We have to take my car, though, as the Hubs has decreed that I will not go into labor in his truck.  He will deposit me in the snow beside the road if he has to, but I will not give birth in his precious truck.  Maybe on the tailgate; that is still up for debate.

Oh, and speaking of my handsome husband... well, he's looking a little cartoonish these days.  See, the 'stache is back, much to my chagrin, and he looks... I won't scandalize you with an actual photo, but here's one that someone drew of him...


He decided simultaneously that (1) He wanted to grow his mustache back, and (2) He wanted to up his fitness level.  So he's participating in what he christened, The 'Stache Dash (TSD).  To participate in TSD, you have to start growing a mustache, and start running.  His goal is to hit 10 miles a week.  If he makes his goal, the mustache stays.  If he misses his goal, it's gonzo to the lip rug.  I'm personally torn between wanting to support his fitness, and wishing he'd get the flu and be unable to run so that he could shave that nastiness off.  Anyone have a clue as to what a supportive wife does in these situations?

Finally, I'd like to take a moment to tell the world that I attended my final lecture today.  The last class of my last class EVA.  As a student, anyhow.  It was a little anticlimactic, as we were supposed to have class Thursday, too, but that got cancelled at the end of today's lecture.  So I didn't even know, going into today, that it was my last class.  Perhaps I would have done something special.  Something like, I dunno, taken notes or whatever ;)

So that's how we're surviving.  And surviving is too bleak of a term; we're having a good enough time, too.  Last night, I had a mad hankering for some Mexican, but couldn't find anyone to oblige me, and D was at clinicals. [Seriously, people just don't respect a pregnancy craving like they used to!]  So tonight, curiously enough, I was still able to be persuaded to go out, and we enjoyed what was surely one of our few remaining kid-free spontaneous dining out experiences.  I got Fajita Nachos.  LAWD. They were amazing.  Flavors exploding in my mouth.  It was a really nice time, hanging out with the guy I'm in love with.  Hope your December is survivable at the very least, and hopefully good and getting better every day!
<3 M.

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  1. oh Mariah, you always crack me up =) I'm so looking forward to seeing that little bundle, but you do enjoy those special times with just your man.


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