Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Week 2012: An Interview

Hello Everyone!  This is Mariah Stephanolikus reporting from Thee FireWife's house!  I'm here today to interview TFW and get the skinny (or not-so-skinny) on Cake Week 2012 - How to enter, how to vote, and more importantly for our readers out there, How To WIN!


M: 'Morning TFW, that's some pretty ... uh, interesting hair you're sporting there.
TFW: Thanks M, I haven't combed it in two days.

M:  Before we get too far into your daily hygiene or lack-therof, let's steer this conversation towards Cake Week 2012.  What is it?  Why are we doing Cake Week 2012?
TFW:  The answer to that is twofold.  First, the goal of Cake Week 2012 is to celebrate life with cakes.  All sorts of cakes.  Because I gave up sweets for Lent, and I love sweets, Cake Week 2012 gives me something to look forward to!  Second, Cake Week is an online community event, where readers get to share their favorite cakes, vote on those cakes, and then see them made in a real, everyday kitchen.  The cakes will be photographed, eaten, reviewed, and most importantly, prizes will be awarded!

M:  Okay TFW, your readers want to know about Cake Week 2012.  It seems that your instruction on how to enter were a little unclear.  Can you help us with that?
TFW: Sure!

If you want to enter a cake into the Cake Week  Celebration, you can do one of three things:

  1. Leave a comment on the post HERE telling me about the cake you want to submit. 
  2. Leave a comment on TFW's new Facebook Page HERE 
  3. Pin a pretty little pin of your favorite cake and mention me (@theefirewife) in the comments!  

M:  That sounds like an easy way to enter!
TFW:  The point isn't to make it hard.  And the best part is, you can add as many cakes as you want.  One reader has submitted 7 cakes so far!  Thats more than enough to win every day, if she's lucky!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can You Imagine?

If I'm on here now, showing you pictures like this

I'm sure its just the "panoramic" setting on my camera that makes this bed not look square.
I'm sure of it.
It has nothing to do with the fact that this was the 8th bed we put in the ground.
Nope, not a bit.
and this

Yukon Gold, baby!
It's going to be like digging for buried treasure when its time to harvest these!

Can you just imagine how bad I'm going to be as a parent someday?  You just shuddered, didn't you?
ASIDE:  I can't count on one hand the number of people who have mentioned to me that they're not going to let their someday-children play with my someday-children.  Something about an overwhelming amount of dirt and access to weapons... and extreme butter intake, I think.  Should this concern me?
I planted my spring plants last Sunday.  We've got potatoes in the ground, in red, yellow, and BLUE varieties!  Do you know what that means?  That means I can have mashed potatoes in any of the primary or secondary colors!  BOOYAH!  There's also garlic (which I apparently planted wrong... again), onions from sets, scallions from seed, lettuce, and these colorful cuties!

Can you tell I'm in love with color this year?
Not by means of flowers, though.
Colorful vegetables are better than flowers.
You can't eat most flowers.
You can put flowers in a stew.
Flowers don't keep you warm at night.

Now that you've caused me to think about it, in answer to your unasked question,
Yes, I would be perfectly happy if Handsome brought me home a bouquet of
carrots in assorted colors.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Filthy With 'Em

This place

is filthy

with dogwoods

It's seriously becoming a problem here.  They catch my eye, my nose, lift my spirits to unbearable high places.  It is impossible to sit inside, in a bad mood, and see/smell these everywhere.  So if you've had enough of your funk, if you want to get rid of those doldrums, find a place (like here) that is just filthy with blooming dogwoods, and wave goodbye to you attitude.

Linking with WFMW
Dogwoods work for me!
and Tasty Tuesdays

And if those, by some stroke of misfortune, aren't enough to lift you out of the muck, let's think about cake.  Cake Week 2012 is nearly upon us.  We still need some more cake submissions on which to vote!  So here's how you can join in the festivities:
  • If you have a blog, feel free to grab a button from over yonder ---> and share the sugar.
  • If you have ever liked a cake, even just the look of it, leave a comment about such a cake HERE.
  • If you are interested in baking along with me, come Cake Week, let me know.
  • If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Cake Week's giveaways, let me know.

Some sponsors that are already nailed down include Garnish, Have It Sweet, and Delicate Fortress Creations, just to tease you with possibilities.  Every cake that gets submitted has a chance to win!  Current entries are available to be seen HERE.
NOTE:  You do not have to have made the cake you submit.  All you have to do is think, "Gee, I really like this cake" or "Wow, that looks yummy!" or "This cake tastes awesome!".  That's it.  Then post a picture/description/link/recipe in the comments HERE.  

That's all for today's Cake Week push.  I just want you to have your cake & eat it too, is all.  Now get out doors and find some dogwoods to smell!  Spring has chosen to kiss this earth, and it's time we kiss back!  (Honestly, I don't even know what that last sentence means, I just got carried away with the perfume of dogwood blossoms in the air... it's slightly intoxicating.)

Drunk on Spring,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cake Week 2012: Rules, Regulations & Submissions

First, and I tell you something?  Can I tell you that I wish we were all going to be together during Cake Week 2012?  Because (a) it's no not as much fun to eat cake by yourself in a dark room, and (b) I think we'd have a good time.  I'm just sayin'.

Can I tell you something else?  I think my brain is broken.  Or at least having a lapse.  While I was gathering recipes for the Cake Week Contestants today, I was ... well, I was doing this:

Writing a bit about the photo, inserting the photo into the blog draft, and then copy & pasting the link underneath.  In a word, pinning.  But here's the kicker, without using pinterest.  Because of trying not to?  Nope.  Because of an inability to get on pinterest?  No, I was pinning other recipes At. The. Same. Time.  Because it was just a quick thing?  Also not it, I copy/pasted over 25 cakes.  Because my brain didn't feel like being a full contributor?  Bingo, nailed it.

Without futher ado, before my brain decides that it's 5 o'clock somewhere, here's the skinny on Cake Week 2012:
  • 6 of the Cakes will be chosen BY YOU.
  • I choose the 7th cake.  Because I can.
  • I'll make one cake each day, photograph, review, and thoroughly enjoy it.
  • I'll probably share it with people too.  Neighbors, co-workers, bus drivers, whoever needs some sugar-coated love.
  • There will be numerous (small) giveaways.  Just to make it fun.  More to come on this.  Just, trust me.  You want to be a winner.
  • Cheesecakes can come too.
One of the ways for you to be a winner, right off the bat, is to have one of your cake ideas selected by your peers.  That can only happen if you submit a favorite cake in the comments on this post.  You can submit as many cakes as you like.  Be sure, however, to include a recipe, photograph (you can email me and I can post it, if that is helpful), a pin, or a link.  Something that can connect me to your cake.

Monday, March 26, 2012

What you Eat

If you are what you eat, then it appears that Sir Duke has eaten a big 'ole bowl of melancholy today.  He doesn't deal well with separation.  I drove the truck out to the end of the driveway today and sat in it for approx. 10 minutes (it was an impromtu mobile office to let me talk on my cell but still get my own internet service... my life, the never-ending adventure) and when I came back inside, he was all "Oh I'm so glad you're back Oh I missed you so much Here I am pet me Pet me here!"

At least, that's my interpretation.

Since our visitors left last week, he just hasn't been himself.

He keeps waiting for them to come back.

Really, I think he'd take any visitors at this point.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sit-down: God has Wrecked Me

I don't even know what words to say.  This morning, at church, I feel as though I got completely beat up; I need to go sit in a dark room and recover.  Every time the preacher opened his mouth, God spoke truth to my heart.  Not nice truth, truth that He is there for me or He will never leave me.  I know that truth.  I've internalized that truth.  No.  It was hard truth.  Uncomfortable truth.  Truth that I fall short All. The. Time.  Truth that shined (shone?) a light on areas where I've been lacking, been disobedient.  

That truth is never easy to take.  But it is so good to know that Creator God loves me enough to show me where I've screwed up, and how to change.  He doesn't wreck me for fun, or because He's mean.  He does it for my good, to teach me more about Himself, and to change me.   

If I were never wrecked when God's word were preached, if He never spoke to me and I never saw any error in my life, my faith would be worthless.  My God would be dead.  If I never saw my own failings, I would never be in need of a Savior.  I would just go along, doing the best that I could, or the best that I wanted to.  And I never would have said, "God, I know my sin keeps me from you, and I don't want to be kept away any longer".  

He loves me too much.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mary Contrary

I've got these neighbors.  They're pretty much the best ever.  Mary & Harold.  Makes me smile just to think about them.  Mary & Haraldo are probably in their 70's.  Their grandson is my age, whatever age that makes them.  Those two, they are always in their yard.  Mostly Mary does the work, although Haraldo gets into it sometimes.  Mostly he just laughs.  More of a chuckle, really.  It goes like this:
Me: Hey Harold!
Harold: He he he... hi!
Me: How you doing?
Harold: He he he aha ha... Oh good.
Me: Hey, sorry about that spaceship that landed on your house
Harold: He he ha ha aha he... Oh, no trouble. 
Really, I can't explain all the ways that he's a gem.  He just is.

Their yard shows how much time they spend in it.  It really is beautiful.  Being as this is my first spring in this house (which Handsome keeps forgetting and makes comments like "It's been over a year and we still haven't _____ with this house..."), I'm especially taken aback by their yard this spring.  I mean, wow.  So, while I sat inside today and smelled the beautiful smells and saw the beautiful sights, I thought it'd be nice if I shared it with you.

Unfortunately, smell-i-vision hasn't been invented yet.  Honestly, I'm not so sure about the whole concept.  There's a lot of things that a person just doesn't want to smell.  I would not have nearly so much fun watching The Farm Channel, for instance, if I had to smell manure all the time... I just don't think the world is ready for it.

But you will be able to get the picture(s).  Since you can't come tour Mary & Harold's place (although I'm sure they'd let you), I'm taking you on a virtual tour.  Just pretend like it smells like fresh rain, flowers, and wonderfulness, and you'll have the whole experience!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pins On The Brain

First, let me tell you all, I loved all of your great comments and interaction from the giveaway!  I appreciate that you stop here, that you talk to me, that we get to just... know each other.  Sharing, you know, that stuff.  The giveaway also gave me time away to fully enjoy time with the in-laws.  

We had a great time.

And we worked like dogs.

Not that I've ever seen a dog actually work, but I hear Australian shepherds do work sometimes.  Or something like that.  My FIL, I'll tell you what.  That man is happiest when working, and it's impressive what he can get accomplished.  I'm not going to tell you that it's all fun, but it's impressive ;-)

Anyhow, I'll be updating you on the hard won progress soon.  But for now, in my final days of Spring Break, I've got a leetle bit-o-time to get my creativeness out.  And I've turned to pinterest for some inspiration.  Here's a mix of my favorite things.  Some I can do, some I can't.  But it's nice to imagine!

1. Crispy Gnocchi and Pesto
Technically, I made this already.
But I'm making it again.
Because it's easy and delicious.
Seriously, they are just... so fun to bit into!

2. Fabric Rosettes
They're cute, and could have so many uses.
Or they could just sit around my house in various places.
Either way, I call it necessary.

And The Lucky Irish (Wo)Man Is...

Of course, being the Engineering nerd afficianado that I am, I used Excel to figure out the random number for the drawing.  I've seen people who use their cute little children to draw out of the hat, or things like that.  Duke can't count to 38 (the number of entries there was total), so he's pretty useless in that department.  

And Excel Said:

And lucky number 17 (really, my second favorite number, eva) is...

Congrats Anne, you're the lucky winner!  I'd tell you to send me your information, but I'm pretty sure my mom has it.  So I'll ship your new duffle off to you shortly!

To all others who participated (or even those who didn't), I've got a special treat for you.  If you're still interested in anything at my shoppe, use the coupon code IRISHWOMAN, from now to the end of March, for 20% off!  Because I just appreciate you all so much!

Enjoying the last day of our visit,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Egg-celent Tip!

****NOTICE: My in-laws have elected to stay another day*****
***** As such, in honor of this fact, the giveaway will also be extended another day *****
***** Giveaway kept open until 3/21/12 @ 11:50 PM*****
***** Check it out here! *****

***** Also, linking up with WFMW @ We Are That Family*****

***** This is an obnoxious amount of asterisks.  Sorry about that. *****

These eggs are un-colored.
Au-naturale, if you will.

Hehe... I'm punny.  It's corny, I know.  I can't help it.  My family, we run on puns.  At my parents, someone sets you up, you hear something that you know it would make the perfect pun, and there's a moment of collective breath-holding, waiting to see who's going to say it.  And then we all groan, because it was so bad, but still made us smile.

Hello, friends!

I love a good bad pun!

The content of this post, however, is a very serious matter.

What if, by some great stroke of luck, some blessing from the Almighty, you end up with 3-dozen eggs, gifted to you by a farmer-friend?  And what if you use some, but just can't seem to get them all used up?  And what if you're just not sure if they're still good, because you don't know how this whole "Fresh-Egg" thing works?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck of The Irish **Giveaway!**

I have a love for St. Patrick's day.  I do.  Like, a lot.  

Let me put this in perspective for you.  I've always wished I were Irish.  The Irish (not to stereotype, but, well, stereotypically) get to be full of spit and vigor, wild and free, love a good fight and a good time.  Plus, they have awesome freckles.

Man, some people just have it all.

My family, although there is some Irish in there, is mostly a diluted mix of everything, with a dash of some more.  Not a whole lot of heritage to hold on to.  But I'm pretty sure there's Irish on both sides.  And my middle name is spelled in the Gaelic fashion, and I have a Claddagh ring.  Which makes me more Irish than anything else, as I see it.

I love to celebrate Saint Pattie's day.  I'll wear green, make some traditional foodstuffs, and then there's the most important part: the music.

If I love Saint Patrick's day, I LOVELoveLove Irish Pub Rock music.  Flogging Molly's, Dropkick Murphy's, I just feel so alive when I listen to it!  This morning, while I re-screened every window in our house (We have 18 windows.  Have I mentioned that?) I listened to Pandora's Irish Pub Rock station.  I had to thumbs-down a few songs, because they can get a little explicit, but mostly it was wonderful.  I was a'jumpin' and a'clappin', singing along and putting in screens in my own little Irish celebration.

So, to celebrate this lovely day, and perhaps bestow upon you a little luck-o-the-Irish, I've got a giveaway for you!  Let me warn you: it's not green.  I realize that's an oversight on my part.  But, eh, what can you do?

The Venango!
It's the prototype for a snazzy little duffle bag that I mentioned a while ago.  Just got one up in the shop, so now I can post this one to give away to you!  It measures 18x8x8 inches, fits as a carry-on for most major airlines, and is terribly terribly cute.  Handles are reinforced, zipper is high-quality metal, and did I mention it's super cute?  See the Etsy listing for more information! 

****The Giveaway****
How to Enter (One entry for each task! Up to 5 entries!)

Task 1 - Check out my shop, come back here, and leave a comment telling me your favorite item
Task 2 - Check out my Pinterest Handbags Board, comment on your favorite item, come back here and leave a comment saying you did that 
Task 3 - "Follow" my Pinterest Handbags Board, then comment here saying you did so
Task 4 - Pin an item from my shop, then comment here with the link
Task 5 - Leave me a comment on here telling me your favorite thing about Saint Pattie's day

Giveaway will close on Tuesday, March 20th, at 11:59 PM.
Winner announced Wednesday!

And now, for your listening pleasure, The Money Hams playing one of my all time favorite Irish songs, The Moonshiner.

Best of luck to you!

Menu for Yanks

My dear, dear in-laws are coming to visit.  In a magnanimous stroke of luck, Handsome managed to get 4 days in a row off, I'm on spring break, and it's supposed to be 80+ the entire time.  It's basically going to be the best visit EVA.  If I know my FIL, we'll do plenty of work in the back yard (yay! hopefully a garden to show you soon!) and if I know my MIL, we'll find some time to look for antiquey things, crafty things, and buy-able things ;)

While they're here, I want to spend as little time doing boring things as possible.  So I got my grocery shopping out of the way, and I'm going to put our menu up on here.  That way, I can just pop on over to this link and figure out what our food is supposed to be for the day!  Genius, I tell you, it sometimes strikes me.

So here's my list:



Are you eating anything yummy this weekend?  Tell me, please!  I love to find new foods!

Drooling just a bit,

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Love

I've added my blog to Blog Lovin'.  Just, you know, to share the love.  Follow if you want to!

The real deal,

A Perfect Pairing

Remember, back when the old Mariah was here?  You know, the one who ate sweets?  (I can't wait to meet her again!)  Well, remember her?  Remember how she used to make Chewy Chocolate Meringues like it was her job?

You know, these things?
Well, whenever she would do that, she'd always end up with 7-8 egg yolks just laying around.  What was a girl to do with so many egg yolks?  She never knew.

I'm happy to report, that this new Mariah (who will soon become old Mariah, in approx 19 days) has the solution!  First, let me say that I didn't think of this all on my own.  I found a great website that has a list of "Things to do with Egg Yolks", listing recipes that use one to eight yolks.  It's pretty fantastic.
ASIDE:  Honestly, other than a few moments of panic where I felt like I needed something sweet right now!, the whole "giving up sweets for Lent"-thing has been (a) rewarding and (b) not that bad.  I've definitely thought more about Easter, Jesus's life & death, and my reliance on God, because of it.  So I suppose this fasting is serving it's purpose.  And when it is over, I suppose I'll just have to celebrate.  Cake Week 2012.  It's gonna happen people.
One thing old Mariah and new Mariah have in common is their love for Chicken Noodle Soup.  It's a deep love, a timeless love, a season-ignoring love.  I'm actually thinking about making it this week, despite the consistent 80*F-plus temperatures.  And wouldn't you know, there's a recipe that ties in nicely!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tempting Fate

My list for the day did not look like this:

ToDo: Tempt Fate

But I went ahead and tempted away.  Because I'm reckless like that.  I have to be on edge, just to feel alive.  

That's a lie.  

I did it because... because I have the attention span of a goldfish.  And even though I got a text when I walked out of the building that said "Sever Thunderstorm warning for the next 2 hours.  Capable of producing hail", when I got to my Jeep, I went ahead and took the lid off of it (I like "lid" better than "top", because "I took my top off" just sounds ... incorrect.).  Seriously, about 1.8 minutes had elapsed [can I get a "woot woot!" for the supremo parking spot??!].

As I drove, I noticed that there were dark clouds in the distance.  Like, really dark clouds.  

Beautiful on the left (where I was at the time the decision was made).
Dark and threatening on the right (the direction I had to drive towards. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Names and Titles

Want to know what I love?  I would love for you to share with me, what you love.  And since I'm assuming you're a little bit like me (but not too much, don't worry), I'm going to assume that you want to know what else I love.

I love when handsome calls me something that's not my real name.  Even if it's "Mrs. Motor Oil" like I got yesterday when I showed up at the fire station.  Those guys, they thought it was hilarious that I had slicked my hair down while changing my oil.  Sometimes it's sweet, and that's normal to like.  And sometimes it's a joke or a wisecrack, and maybe you're not supposed to like being called things like that.

But I do.  It lifts my heart.  Makes me happy to be so... known.  

I guess people who don't know you could call you something other than what your name is, but that's hardly ever heart-lifting.  

My grandmas, they call me MeMe (although one spells it MiMi).  It's a grandma name, which is fitting in a backwards sort of sense.  I've been called that by them, ever since I was a baby.  Something about running towards the couch yelling, I don't remember much of it.  But I love when they call me that, too.  

Being called "Thee FireWife", well, I think that's sort of weird.  But it seems that everyone who knows anything keeps telling me that branding yourself is key.  "Key" to what?  I'm not sure.  I still don't know what I'm doing on here, other than connecting with you peeps.  
ASIDE:  Oh no.  Peeps.  Now I've done it.  My mind is on a candy craving again.  23 days until Good Friday.  Is that when Lent is over? Gosh, I'm not good at this!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not a Tutorial

I love my Jeep.  I do.  I've said this before, it isn't the vehicle that I would have picked; Handsome picked it for me.  And I'm so glad he did.  It's great in the winter, what with the four-wheel-drive (4WD) and all that.  Summer, however, is when it really shines.  

This is the life, people.  When I see the stickers that say, "It's a Jeep Thing" well, I still don't quite understand that.  But I know why they wanted to put it on there.  Because, on any given day, whenever they want to, they too can drive around with this here view.  It's fabulous.  Give me a call, we'll go for a ride & I'll make a believer out of you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I cleaned my house yesterday.  Like, really cleaned it.  I'm not going to say that I really really cleaned it, because there was no baseboard scrubbing involved.  There was sweeping, dusting, spraying and washing, though!

In fact, my home smells like Lavender, Vanilla, and Comfort.
Pretty impressive, to even smell like comfort

I even cleaned up my sewing room.  At least, a little bit.  Okay, I vacuumed.  Part of the room.  The door.

I think I must have caught the bug, because today I started right into cleaning up this space here.  Obviously, if you're looking at this, things are moved around some.  So I'll give you a little overview of how things have changed, so we're not all confused around here!

Let's go down the left side, then the right.  On the left (<----) we've got the "talk to me" button, which is a picture of my face & Handsome's.  That's where you can send a message that isn't public like a comment.  Then we've got two little buttons, in case you want to hook up with me on Pinterest or Twitter.  I pin a lot, and tweet seldom, just so you know what you're getting into.  And finally, there's a whole mess of labels.  That's going to be cleaned up, but for now, if you want a blog with a specific label, just click on the label and see the list!

Now on the right (--->), if you want to get blog posts by email, there's a spot to enter your email address.  It won't get stolen or released to telemarketers, unless money gets really tight.  If you want to search for something, either on this blog or blogs I link to, that's also right over there, near the top.  Then we've got a load of cuteness itself in the form of my etsy store link, then blog archives and Google Friend Connect (that I hear doesn't work anymore, so that may change in the future, as well).  Finally, top viewed posts rounds out the right side.

And that list of a bajillion blogs that I love and visit?  Don't worry, it's not gone, its down at the bottom (\|/) of the page!  That way, if you want to see more than 5, you can click on "see more" for all of them, and have a full view without a page that is waaaay too long.

And that's where we stand.  One or two things may change.  But my deep seated affection for you will not.  Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your comments that make me smile and feel connected!  It's been a little over a solid year that I've been sharing my adventures with you, and I've truly enjoyed it.  I've also not learned the proper way to spell truly (I do the true-ly every time!).

Enjoying a good thing,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on an Evening Drive

I went to visit a friend tonight.  Do a little bit of help with moving.  I've moved this particular friend... 3 times.  I think.  At least 3, if the washer/dryer I moved tonight count.  It was a lovely night, and after the work was done ("work" being moving the washer & dryer, and baking brownies to help lower the overall stress level of the household.  worked like a charm!) we just sat and chatted.  For hours.  Which seemed like minutes.  You've got to love a friendship like that.

However, this friendship always seems to carry me into the wee hours of the morning.  This time, I really thought I would get home in time to not see the AM of the next day.  I almost made it, except for this whole "Spring Forward" nonsense.  

Anyhow, I had an hour drive home, and only know two people on the West Coast who I could call (you know, because they aren't sleeping because it's not as late there.  which means that I've seen time that they haven't yet seen.  which still boggles my mind.)  I chatted with one of my WestieBesties, which was awesome, but for the majority of the trip, I had only myself for company.

When I wasn't 100% distracted by the smell of this gum in my car (I could smell it but I couldn't find it.  basically, I was tortured.) I did a lot of thinking.  I don't know if it was thinking of any sort of quality, but most of it seemed downright inspired to me.  When I neared home, I even saw a shooting star, which pretty much sealed the evening for me as chosen by God.  Because that's always what shooting stars mean.

Photo Credit

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lizard Tales

Guess who I found today?

I will name him Paulie

A lizard.  Or, more precisely, two lizards!  On my deck!

At least, I think they're different.  Could just be a color changer, I'm not sure.  Look into his eyes, tell me if he's the same.  

These lizards reminded me of two stories, which I will share with you now.  Be thinking of questions, because I'll call on the best listener after the post... or something :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Garden Games

Okay, that's a misnomer.  There are no games here.  No games except Who's The Best Tool User.  I totally win at that game, all the time.  Totally did today, fo sho, 100 per-cent.  Of course, I was the only one playing, but still, it counts.

See that tool?  That's a Miter Saw.  I love that tool.  Seriously, LOVE.  If I could get a t-shirt with that tool on it, I would.  I might even frame that picture up there and hang it in my dining room.  Call it fine art.  Love me a miter saw.  Its just so... so... versatile.  Powerful.  AWESOME.  

Also, please don't ask how I was able to cut such small pieces.  Apparently, I did it incorrectly, and the judges docked me accordingly.  If it happens again, I'm going to have to pay a fine.  I know, I've been warned.
ASIDE: The mention of "fines" made me think about The Steelers and how their players get fined all the time for playing real-man-football, instead of whiney-wussie-football.  Which made me remember that they released Hines Ward, which makes me sad.  Which then made me remember that the Colts released Peyton, which is just mind bottling, and very sad as well.  The NFL is going nuts, that's all I know.  Can we just agree on that? FW out.
So anyhow, today, while I was totally kicking some tail in the WTBTU game, here's what happened.  

I started with this...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forget The Box of Chocolates

Prepare yourself.  I've got me some right powerful feelings tonight.  
Might be best to just move on, come back when I'm feeling more balanced.  

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Good 'ole Forrest.  "Life is a box of chocolates" and all that.  Ticks me off.  Not the movie, although I do have to say that I don't love Forrest Gump.  Really, the shrimp part is my favorite.  But no, the whole "You never know what you're going to get" line.  That irritates me tonight.  

Tonight, I just want to smack him.
I realize he (the character) is basically mentally disabled and that makes me a terrible person.
I wouldn't actually smack him, if that makes it any better.
I doubt that it does, though.

First off, it doesn't help that I gave up sweets for Lent.  Yes, I know I said I was giving up "seconds" but I also said that I knew what I meant, and then I discovered that the line was quite blurry, and I had no idea what I meant.  So then I thought I needed something with hard and fast rules.  And then I thought I was being legalistic, which isn't cool anymore, since the whole grace thing entered the picture.  But then I consoled myself with the fact that Lent is about where we were before Christ, which is stuck in legalism, or "rule-following", and so perhaps it was fitting.

Whew.  April 8th, I'm eating sweets morning, noon, and night.  And then I'm buying 1/2 off candy for the next week.  Or two.  Just in case you wondered about my plans.

Anyhow, that's the first reason why I hate the "chocolates" line.  The second is that I hate not knowing what I'm going to get.  Skeeves me right out.  I like predictability, dependability, schedules.  This Fire Life that this here FireWife is living, it has no schedule.  Nothing is set, nothing is dependable, except that anything can always happen.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Talking to Inspiration

linking up to “Make Your Everyday Beautiful Inspiration Party”


Today was lovely.  And full of talking.  Today I talked with Handsome a few times.  He likes me, I can tell by the sound of his voice.  Today I talked with people who are paying me to be smart, and they thought I sounded decently intelligent. Today I talked with Creator God, and He loves me as well.  And He loves you.  I know, because we talked about it.

And then, in the spirit of Toby Keith, I stopped talking and got down to business.  See, I was feeling inspired today.  My house is mostly clean, which helps.  But it was spring-ish out, and there was a Double Punch deal going down at my local quilt shop so...  I grabbed some fabrics that inspired me, and got to work!

I <3 Batiks.
For those not in "the know", I just googled it.
It means "fabric manually dyed with a wax method" or something.
Translation: Beautiful.
Any one want to call dibs?

That material, second from bottom up there, turned into this little number.

This piece, well, this piece just called out to me in the store.
Does anyone out there not love gray?
Does anyone know the correct spelling? (grey?  gray?  greigh?)

And now it's this.
Also, putting snaps on things is not hard.
I learned that today.
So today is was: The sun, Pretty fabric, and Spring that inspired me.  What has inspired you today?

Busy little bee,

Monday Morning Tree Video

Because every morning should start off with something inspiring, invigorating, and exciting.  Be warned, the video is loud, as, well, it's of a chainsaw and a falling tree.  And, if a tree's death (however timely - it was rotted on bottom) makes you sad, you should just skip down to the Fun Fact and don't watch the video.  It's all about starting the week off right.

On a related note, do any of you out there like the way your voice sounds?  I've heard (in a class or something) that the reason we don't hear ourselves the same when speaking as when recorded is because when we speak, we hear our voice, and also the vibrations that go along with speaking, which makes our voice sound lower to us.  When recorded, no vibrations = higher pitched voice.  (article here)  So in case you didn't find the video above to be inspiring or invigorating, now you have a fun fact to share with coworkers, and I've provided you with something informational.

You're welcome.  For the video, and the titillating (which always seems like a bad word to me) tidbit.  Go & live your Monday like a boss!
Empowering others,
(A.K.A. - TFW)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up a Creek Tree

Handsome was home this weekend.  I'm talking Friday, Saturday, and most of today.  And it. was. wonderful.  I almost got used to him being around!  It was sort of like a vacation, but with a lot more work being done.  I don't mind, though, as long as I get to hang out with that guy I married.

He's fabulous.
His sweet skillz with a chainsaw and a rope don't hurt any, either.
More to come on this.
Feeling Fully Rested,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What March Means

March means something very very special.  Something so special, that it can be hard to handle all of the specialness all at once.  Which is why it is a good that that it took me a while to realize that it was March today.  Not long, but a little bit.  And then, slowly, my meter that recognizes specialness began to creep up.  March: special reading - 2.0.  March 1st: special reading - 2.7.  March 1st, the first day of gardening season: special reading 907.83!

Can I get a woot woot?!

Woot Woot!

(FTR: I don't mind having to give a "woot woot" for myself.  In case you wondered.)

I'm super pumped about gardening season, although you can't tell that by my garden plot.  Which is my back yard.  Which is currently covered with trees...

I did find a lot of good reading this morning.  Turns out, Clemson started as an agricultural school.  Although you can no longer get a straight Ag. degree, they still do a lot with agriculture, and more to the point, have great resources for home gardeners that are region specific.  And not just region specific, but heck, in my case, nearly zip-code specific.  Basically, Clemson's Ag department is going to be my personal (gardening) trainer.

They've even provided me with a schedule and everything!

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