Monday, July 23, 2012

All is Well

All is good here.  

All is also a lot.

A lot, as in over 8 states in the next 3 1/2 weeks, only a handful of days in which to see my most wonderful husband, 3 hotels and 2 friends houses.  Oh, and getting my Phhhhd in order.  No, not to finish, don't be silly.  Just to keep moving.

It feels a bit like treading water.  

If by water, you mean molasses.

All is still well, though, and all will be well.  

But I will be gone for a bit.  So I'm taking a break, going to enjoy those handful of days as best I can, and I'll see you all on the flip side.

(Is this talk of "flipping" and molasses and whatnot making anyone else want pancakes for 2nd breakfast?  Is anyone else having 2nd breakfast?  Because you should.  Keep the metabolism up and everything, you know!?)

There's nothing like pancakes in the mid-morning,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crafty Shout-out!

Yo peeps.

I need your help, yo.

I've got two problems (but my dog ain't one).

Well, I've got 3 problems if you consider how thug I'm feeling right now to be a problem.  I don't.

Problem 1:  I can't read this without tearing up

Kind of ruins my whole thug cred, doesn't it?
credit here

It was read over us on our wedding day, and it always makes me cry.  Especially now with the whole "laughter of children" thing.  *sob*

Problem 2: I need the above tear-jerker on my wall, in some format.  Canvas, paint, children's wooden blocks, whatever.  I just need to be able to see it every day.  But my creative juices aren't flowing.  So I need your help.  How would you do it?  How do you think I should do it?  If any of you have any idea, please share.

And get this: suppose someone gives me an awesome idea, and I do it, and I love it for ever and always.  Suppose that.  Then I'd probably have to send said person a present of some sort.  I'm just sayin'.  I'm a giver.

Off to do the ugly cry,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why I Love & (Nearly) Hate Jen Hatmaker

ASIDE: The content of this post is serious and lengthy.  In an unrelated story, I wanted to tell you that my neighbor showed up at my door today, having picked all of my ripe tomatoes, because she didn't want them to go bad.  She handed me a basket of over 6 pounds of my own tomatoes.  A handful of them weren't ripe.  It was bizarre.  Tomato recipes now being accepted.

First, let's state the obvious about Jen Hatmaker: she's awesome.  Like, grab a cup of salsa & laugh for hours, awesome.  Like, good thing Austin is so far away from me or I'd have to consider staking, awesome.  She's funny.  She loves food & laughing.  She's a hot mess.  I love that in a person.  The ability to be a mess, and yet still trick people into thinking you're functioning.  It's basically my mantra, my family crest.

And then, there's the other side of the coin.  That girl will just not stop writing dang books.  And not just any books.  If she'd write a cookbook, or even illustrate a children's book, I wouldn't hold it against her.  But nooo...  Girlfriend's got to write radical, God-moving, life-changing books.  "Bah!" and "Hooray!" all in the same breath.

Yes, a person must change.  Heck, anything that breathes must change or die.  So in theory, I suppose I like change (since I like breathing and all...).  But change is hard, and change is uncomfortable, and change like the type that Jen's books call out to... well, it makes you see your own ugly first.  That's probably the hardest part.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Do you know what that phrase, johnny-come-lately means?  I do, because I just looked it up.  I wanted to title the post as such, and thought, "You should really know what it refers to, if you're going to do something like that."  The phrase refers to a newcomer, and originated in the English Army, where a newcomer was referred to as Johnny Raw.  Or so says.  

I mean no reference to the English Army by the title of this post.  Sadly enough,  I've never been to England, or even anywhere across the big pond.  I only want to catch you up on what's been going on here, lately.  Okay, Johnny?  


Lately, I've been inviting people to lunch.  Like, multiple people a day.  If you're local and I haven't invited you yet, don't worry, I will.  The joke is, most days I don't feel like eating lunch.  I'm not sure what I'm planning to do on these lunch dates.  Most likely sit there and sip ice water with lemon (the only thing that makes me feel un-nauseated) while not watching the other person eat (because then even the ice water wouldn't help).  I'm sure it won't be awkward, not even a little bit.

When I do get hungry, I seem to have a wee problem with impulse control.  Something in my brain is no longer working, and my sense of portion is off.  Usually, my thought process goes like this: If two crackers with cheese was delicious, I should eat more.  That sort of reasoning is fine in moderations.  Unfortunately, my moderation is broken, and a sleeve & a half of crackers later, I'm finding myself quite uncomfortable.  Handsome has no pity on me and my foolish choices.  I'm trying to make myself believe that 2 is enough, for pretty much anything, but it's a struggle.  Tonight, it was these scones from Annie's Eats.

I ate one.  It was manna from heaven (Amen.).  So then I ate another.  Again, so delicious.  I mean, it's got bacon, cheddar, and buttermilk.  I really don't know what's better.  And I was still feeling okay.  I even let a good 20 minutes pass, thinking "perhaps reasoning will kick in."  Unfortunately, reasoning has apparently eloped with my sense of moderation, and so I tried another half of one.  That was a mistake.  The camel's back may never be the same, but at least there has never been a straw so delicious.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Things

I love making things.  It seems that I always have to be producing something.  In truth, I feel downright awful about myself if I don't do anything productive.  Remember when I wasn't baking??  I did a lot of sewing then.  Now that I'm preparing to close up my sewing room (baby's taking over!), my interests are once again moving on to the next thing.
Note:  I do have a whole bunch of fabric in the sewing room that I am trying to find a home for.  As such, I've opened a Store Envy shop, TFW on Store Envy.  There's only a few fabrics there right now, but more will be added when I find the energy/attention to do so :)  Feel free to snoop around!
So now, instead of my favorite making thing - purses (which used to be quilts, which used to be cakes, which used to be velvet embossing, which used to be Indian Bead Loom Weaving... ) I find myself wanting to make: furniture.

Yep.  Furniture.

I told Handsome and he replied (with a fair amount of skepticism in his voice) "Because you're a carpenter...????"  Yep.  I think I might become a carpenter.  We've got the space for furniture to fill, such as the awkward front room that I still don't know what to do with, the space beside our bed where nightstands should go but none can be found that are tall enough, and even the kitchen where more storage space is always welcome.

Once again, I turn to my trusty friend Ana White (who doesn't know I exist, nor does she know the horse I rode in on).  This gal has got it going on!  She does all of this sweet DIY business, and she actually is a carpenter.  Go figure!  So now I want to be Ana, pretty much.  My plans include the following:

Food Storage Rack for the kitchen.
Except I'm going to fill mine with Honey Crisp apples, come fall.
My goodness, how I miss those!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Day I Ate Like Royalty

Hey all.  I have neatly resolved, tonight, in this very moment, to get back on the posting pony.  That is, I miss you, I want you, oh baby oh baby.  I mean, I'm wishin' & hopin' to be here more regularly.  Take from that what you will, I'm personally not sure how far that resolve will actually take  me.  But I'm gonna try!

I have a very  good excuse for being gone these past few days, though!  Let me give you the back story, by way of Handsome's & my conversation a few months ago:

H: Hey, I found out that there's something I thought I was good at but turns out maybe I'm not.
M: Yeah, what is that?
H: See, I thought I was doing a good job, but they guys (at work) tell me I'm not.
M: YES. What are we talking about?
H: Well, it turns out that a lot of the guys at work actually plan stuff for special occasions, like anniversaries and stuff, and they take trips or go away for the night.
M: Oh yeah?
H: Yeah.  Is that something you'd even want to do?? (he asked, incredulously)
It's at this point I should say that Handsome was genuinely surprised to find out that not everyone just goes to dinner or takes a day trip.  Bless him.
M: Well, I wouldn't turn down a trip.  You know I like to go places & travel.
H: Oh, okay.

So, this  past week, H & I packed up and headed down to Charleston, SC for a belated anniversary trip.  We'd never been to Charleston, and felt that it was our duty, as SC residents, to experience all the state has to offer.  It was lovely.  Seriously, the 4 whole days together were awesome, and not a single blue pant or gray polo shirt (Handsome's uniform) in the whole mix!

I want to tell you all about it, especially since I took enough pictures to fill this space for months.  But instead of just flooding you with the whole thing at once, I'm going to take pieces of it to share.  And because I do what I want, I'm going to start with our last day (It has nothing to do with the fact that yesterday is still fresh in my memory and the other parts are getting harder & harder to remember...).

Handsome's mother's cousin's son (yes, all that was necessary) works at a restaurant in Charleston.  Not just any restaurant, mind you.  No, he works at what Bon Apetit labeled (in 2010) the #1 new restaurant in THE UNITED STATES, Husk Restaurant.  Crazy, right?  The man who opened this restaurant had one goal in mind when he opened it: to prove that Southern food  is the best on the planet.  If you know anything about me, you know Handsome & I were waaaay in over our heads the moment we walked through the door.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pregnancy Irony

Yes.  I am pregnant.
I'm also still Mariah.
While there will be a new topic added to the list of things I love to bore you with, I promise that
(1) There will be little to no mention of lady parts & things of that nature.  It's just not my style.
(2) There will still be plenty of mention of other things, as riveting as quilting, my disproportionately long toes, and how amazingly amazing it is to grow potatoes 
That is all.

Moving on with our new topic, I would like to take a moment to point out some of the many ironies (a la Alanis Morissette -style) I've noticed while newly prego.  Feel free to add any that I've missed, keeping in mind that it is my FIRM belief that it's best for me, at this point, to block out everything past 7 months.  Please, no war stories yet.  I'm just not strong enough.

This is my morning, when Handsome leaves before the sun.
Isn't the sky pretty?
Isn't it great that I get to go back to sleep??
(hint: it is!)
Irony ONE: You're exhausted, but not supposed to drink coffee.  I know, technically, you can have up to 2 cups a day.  But all the same, when there's a limit on things, it's... well, nervous-making, especially at first.  (On a totally unrelated note, I may or may not have had my first 6 oz. yesterday with my hot chocolate, and the world was brighter.)

Irony TWO: You're supposed to be eating in order to grow this life inside of you, but you don't want to even think about food.  Or, you can only stomach nachos with cheese sauce and chili.  I've been the person who does that seen what that type of diet can do to a person, and it's not pretty.  Not even on a baby.

Irony THREE: You are suggested to keep the news to yourself, but you don't feel like yourself.  This is one I didn't understand (or obey).  You feel like poo, you sleep 14 hours a day, you only eat crackers and chocolate cake, and no one is supposed to notice?  "Oh, I have the 3-month flu..."

Irony FOUR: You should be relishing these final 4 months before your sleep is no longer your own (first the big belly, then the actual baby interrupting it), but you lie awake dreaming/worrying about the whole thing.  Handsome's favorite I-can't-fall-asleep-line seems to be "What have we done?"

Irony FIVE: Everyone wants to know if you're just so excited?! while in fact, you feel as though the bottom just dropped out.  Now, this may only apply to surprise pregnancies like ours (We had just discussed that now is probably the worst time to have a baby.  3 weeks later, "Oh, hey, I'm 7 weeks pregnant."), but I think anyone who (a) is surprised, (b) is doing this for the first time, or (c) doesn't follow my rule about stopping all thought at 7 months is going to feel a little in over their heads.  Are we happy?  Fo Sho.  Excited about losing sleep & autonomy, the huge change this will be to our marriage/habits/weekends, and thing things a woman's body has to do?  Not exactly.  I'm sure that will come, but when people ask right now, I either lie or say "We're getting excited."

That's all I've got.  During the 3 days where the only person I told was a friend & (more on how I handled the situation like a scared 17-year-old later), I thought of about 23 more.  But there's this memory thing, where you really want to remember and hold onto things, especially this first time around, but you can't remember diddly squat.  Like, lost your keys for 4 hours yesterday (hypothetically) (not), can't remember.  Oh, wait, that's number SIX.

Sticky Notes Abound,
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