Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Gift :: Baby Presents

It seems like everyone I know in real life is having a baby.  Now quite everyone, but a lot of people.  I can list 8 people I personally know whose bambinos will be born +/- 6 weeks from mine.  As a result, I've been making a lot of baby presents.

One of my favorites was this quilt, the pictures for which were taken in possibly the WORST light ever.  It almost feels like an accomplishment to take such terrible pictures.  Fortunately for me, has some great free photo editing software, and you'll never have to see them in their un-edited state.  Really, it's fortunate for you, too.

I loved this quilt.  I made if for a sweet little almost-six-month-old who has just the right complexion for the peach and the lilac.  Really, she's gorgeous.  And although it's sort of silly to think about matching a quilt to a baby's coloring, this one just seemed like "her" to me.  And then when I had made it all up, I considered keeping it.  I did.  Except who knows what my baby's skin tone will be ;)

I'm pretty sure the ruffly quilt is the last quilt I'll make until my babe shows up on the scene.  It's just getting too difficult with this huge belly to lean over and pin and things.  So when I got an invitation to yet another baby shower, for a friend who I had already given a baby blanket to (because I just can't wait!), I decided to go small-scale and whipped up this little diaper clutch.

I'd never made one of these before, and I would definitely make it differently next time.  It's not quite wide enough, and getting those 3 little newborn diapers in there (which are SO SO CUTE, btw) along with the wipes container is about all this little clutch could handle.  So I'll be revising my pattern, and trying again for myself or someone else.  Either way ;)

Now, here's my big question for you: If you've had a baby, what is the best gift you've gotten?  And if you've given a particularly rad baby shower gift, what was it?  Spill.
<3 M.


  1. I liked receiving the little odds and ends basket. It had nail clippers, diaper ointment, lotion, soap, an aspirator, saline, baby tylenol, etc. It was awesome. Oh, and the diaper cake! My sister and mom printed off little words of wisdom about moms and rolled them up in each diaper. I still have them and am planning on scrapbooking them :)

  2. A little pacifier purse... it is like a little round change purse for baby plugs, it has a tiny strap with a snap... you can clip it everywhere! 3 littles later, I'm still loving this!


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