Monday, January 14, 2013

Distracted to Tears :: Freezer Meals

Perhaps it's a consequence of waking up 7 times last night.  Perhaps it's the rain and the overcast skies.  Perhaps it's the weight of the growing To Do list.  Perhaps it's the uncertainty that hangs in the air, similar to the smell of smoke that we can't seem to get rid of after using our fireplace last week.

Whatever it's cause, I'm 100% distracted.  Edgy.  And I don't like it.

I know that I need to get my math on for a meeting tomorrow.  I know there's things to prep and freezer meals to make and laundry to do.  I know my dog needs to be walked.  I know all of this.

Yet all I want to do is go back to bed, snuggle up under my flannel sheets, cry a little bit, and sleep the afternoon away.  That's normal, right?  Normal or not, I refuse to do it.  I've got stuff to do, dangit, and I'm going to do.  I won't feel better until I get some of that To Do list whittled down, and that's just the way of it. (Type-A personality, anyone?)

So as a start, I've printed out papers that I need to edit.  See?  That way, I can close up this machine and work on paper and not be distracted by all of the more-fun-and-less-demanding things the interwebs have to offer.

I've also compiled here a list of meals I plan to make & freeze.  So for the remainder of the afternoon, rather than crying into my pillow, I'm going to make a shopping list, shower (that's sure to lift the spirits, right?), shop, eat lunch, and do some cooking & freezing.  Then I'll nap, if I still want to.  Then I'll edit the papers and then hit the hay.  It's not flashy, and it's fairly routine; but hey, it's a Monday.  And if anything gets done today and there are no tears by this evening, I'm putting it in the win category.

(An Ambitious and Probably Unrealistic) List of Meals To Make & Freeze:
Also, any freezer-meal-making people out there?  Any suggestions?  I've never done this before, but thanks to an over-inflated sense of capability, I'm sure I can do it.  But just in case, any suggestions?  (BTW - we're blaming that attitude on my mom's relentless encouragement.  Thanks, Mom!)
<3 M.


  1. I think you are ahead of the curve for this particular season. I'm pretty sure all I was doing was "working" and sleeping. Freezer meals never even made it to Google. You're doing a great job hatching a new human being! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm trying to get things done, but I really just want to nap... Big question is, can you call it a nap if you're sleeping more than you're awake during the day?? ;)


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