Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ready Or Ready :: My Gray Nursery

My bags are packed.

The snacks are for me.
Not for Handsome.
He can get his own snacks.
I told him his job during labor is to sneak me food.
I will eat if I want to, people.
What are they gonna do, kick me out?
I'm ready to go.

It's piled here beside the door.

Can't wait for you to wake me up and say "It's time!"

(Are you following me, here?  To the tune of "leaving on a jet plane".  Everybody now!)

Aaaand... I'm done.  I'm over this.  Pregnancy was fun fine, and now let us move on to the next stage.  Hello!!  Baby!?  Anybody listening??

That's been pretty much my tune these last few days.  We hit 37 weeks a little while back, so we are full term, locked and loaded, just waiting on go.  And yet "go" doesn't seem like it will ever come.  People ask me if the baby has dropped.  I don't know.  I like to imagine it, but should the kiddo still be able to kick me in the ribs if he/she has dropped?  And then this morning, I swear, it felt like I had a gravitationally challenged child inside of me, as he/she was definitely not lower than normal, but higher.  Again, similar to trying to throw a cat into a tub of water, this kid was climbing the walls in there.

You're welcome for that mental picture.

So I don't know how long yet.  I'm pretty tired lately, due to (1) not being able to fall asleep, (2) getting up to whiz every couple of hours, and a new one, (3) waking up just to stare at the ceiling about once or twice a night.  And I know, I know, "It's just God's way of preparing you not to sleep when the baby comes" to which I say YOU DON'T PREPARE FOR A FUTURE LACK OF SLEEP BY NOT SLEEPING IN THE PRESENT.  But I digress.  And apologize for using my angry voice.

As a way of passing the time, I've tried to get everything ready, thinking "maybe if I just get the last thing done, the kid will come".  Maybe this is nesting, I don't know, it just seems like "getting crap done" but whatever.  I'm too tired to fight about it (see above).  Yesterday was chicken day, wherein I actually prepped all of the chicken meals that I wrote about last week.  Today is beef day.  After today, all the meals I'm planning to prep will be prepped.  Our fridge is stocked, laundry is done and folded, the car is gassed up... all ready.

And the nursery?  It's as ready as it's gonna be.  The frames are empty, but I'm planning on fixing that.  And there's no curtain up, but I'm not sure if we want one or not.  What do you think?  Here's what we've got!

The pink outfit is a guess made by a friend who loves neon.
I'm still in the dark about the whole he/she nature of our bambino.
Kind of freaks me out when I think about how much I don't know about this baby.

We're still planning on doing the cloth diapering, but we got gifted with about 900+ diapers at our baby shower on Sunday.
And I still haven't pulled the trigger on buying the remaining $200 worth of cloth diapers we will need in order to do this properly.
Because spending $200 for poo-holders is a terrifying proposition.

I love these little iron-on thingies.
Maybe I should iron them on something...
Nah, I just like looking at them on the mirror.
So that's where we're at.  Still prego.  Still healthy and boring and wonderfully without much concern.  I know this is a blessing, and I should be thankful for this time.  I'm trying to make the most of it, celebrating my birthday by eating chocolate-covered strawberries and making pasta later.  It's just hard to not long for the next stage, to want to hold this baby in my arms and see it with my eyes.  To wish with all my might that it would stop climbing the walls in there.

Happy Birthday to me!
On a related note, this post by Jen Hatmaker (jHat, as I like to call her) was encouraging to me.  I'm not particularly concerned about a whole lot with regards to this baby.  I don't have a movement monitor, I didn't take any parenting/childbirth classes, and I'm pretty sure people are going to assume this is my 3rd child, and not my first, when I just rinse off the binky and slip it back into the babe's mouth, while instructing him/her to "cork it".  People have told me that I'll change once my baby gets here, sanitizing everything and hovering nonstop, and maybe I will (but I doubt it).  For sure, I hope to not let my life be ruled by fear, but rather to raise a child to embrace risk, trust God, and give things a chance.

I do know this: It's going to be an adventure.  I feel like I'm as ready as I'll ever be, and I want to start now, but I'll wait on God's timing.  But if it could start now... or NOW!... or howabout.... NOW!
<3 M.


  1. LOVE your nursery!! This bambino is going to so blessed to have you two as his/her parental unit!! Have I told you that I love your nursery? cause i really, really do!

    1. Thanks for commenting, but what I really want to know is how you feel about my nursery... :) xoxo

  2. I adore the nursery! I hope that little one decides to come out for you soon. And a very happy birthday! It's a great day to be born ;)

    1. Thanks so much! Let's have our birthdays together again next year :)

  3. Honestly, it looks peaceful in there. I know there will be precious little peace to be had in a few weeks, but for now, it looks restful and welcoming. Don't know why Baby Mags wouldn't want to come RIGHT NOW!

    1. I wanted a baby for my birthday, but no luck... :)

  4. I love the gray! We cloth diapered our kidlets (when they were a big older, not from the get-go). My favorites were Blueberry and GADs. As far as the curtain - if that window gets a lot of light, a light blocking curtain may be a good idea in the future. We found out that the kidlets slept better and longer in the morning if the sunlight wasn't peaking through their window. Good luck on your last few weeks... or days. Hopefully your bundle comes soon!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll check into those diapers! Can't wait to meet this babe :)


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