Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cat Person

I'm not generally a cat person.  Kittens are cute, but cats... that's a non-starter.

I hope we can still be friends.  I'm willing to overlook it if you are.

But I've found myself becoming a huge fan of the angry cat.  Not sure what his name is, but there's all these memes out there (related - I don't know how to pronounce "memes" but I'm pretty sure it means "pictures with captions") featuring a really ticked-off looking cat who says horrible things.  Things like:

There's a whole bunch of these, in case your Tuesday needs a serious pick-me-up.  But my personal favorite is not the official GrumpyCat.  Nope.  I love this one:

Gets me every time.  So I may be becoming a meme-cat person, if that's a thing.  Luckily for Handsome, he's not allergic to pictures of cats, so we can all breath easy (see what I did there?  Allergies?  Breath easy?  ha!).

Whats your favorite?  Are you a meme-cat person?
<3 M.

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  1. I'm a meme-cat person and a sister's cat person, but other than that, I'm a doggy person through and through!


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