Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm a Social Introvert

I've never taken one of those personality tests.  They're way  too confusing for me.  I find myself either wanting to choose more than one answer or completely unable to choose any.  I just... I don't fit.  I wrote something similar to this a looong time ago.  So long ago that I'm feeling unequal to the task of digging through the archives to link to it here, like a good blogger would do.

I do post fabulous pictures, like a good blogger would do.
So perhaps I'm a half-way good blogger.
I wonder if she'll be an innie or an exie...

Anyhow, personality test or no, I've figured it out.  I'm a social introvert.  I don't know if that's a thing that was a thing before I wrote it, but it is what I am.  Social, because I do like people.  I don't hate being around  people, I like to meet new ones, and friendly strangers pretty much make my day.  Seriously, there are few things that make my day quicker.

BUT.  But.  I need alone time.  I don't need friendly strangers, much as I enjoy them.  I don't need parties or groups or titillating conversation.  I didn't even fully realize how much I crave alone-ness before today, how much I need it.  Thanks to my fantastic husband, it happened today.  I. Was. Alone.  And my soul rejoiced.

Now, my introverted sisters out there know what this means, but for those of you who don't crave silence and solace, let me make this even more poignant for you.  Today, for the first time since JUNE (when I found out I was prego), I was alone.  There was no little heartbeat hanging around.  There was no little sleeping bundle of joy.  No. One. Else.  Nada.

Husband said, "Hey, how about I watch RG and you can go for a bike ride or something?  It's so nice out, you should enjoy it."  And then I proposed to him, before I remembered we were already married.  So a bike riding I went.  It took all of 1.2 minutes for it to sink in, and when I realized it, I started laughing.  Out loud.  By myself.  On a bike.  A few more episodes like that and I won't have to try to be alone.

When I got back (all of 19 minutes later - this girl is out of shape!), Handsome asked me if I had done some good thinking or anything, since that's what he does on his runs.  Nope.  No thinking.  Mostly reveling in being by myself, alternating with remembering to breath and where-the-heck-is-the-lower-gear-because-I'm-dying-here.  It was bliss.

And now I know.  Being around others doesn't refresh my soul the way being alone does.  When I talked to my Mum today, she said I sounded rested.  Not so much in the "I slept for days" sense, I told her, but I was most decidedly refreshed.  Because I was alone today, and I am an introvert.  Possibly one of the most social ones ever, but an introvert all the same.

What are you?
<3 M.


  1. 1. What is your sweet thang dreaming? I must know!

    2. I am uber social, but alas, an introvert too.

    1. 1. Hopefully she's dreaming of more sleep.
      2. I can see that. Glad you're still social though :)

  2. I am who you are. No surprise.

    1. You're fantastic. Which coincidentally makes me fantastic, too, which is always nice!

  3. Oh my word, M. I feel like you just defined my personality better than I ever have. I love people, and I really love a select bunch, but I wilt without dedicated alone time on a regular basis. It's like oxygen that gives me more clarity and less crankiness :) Hope you get more good doses of introvert time soon!

    1. "wilting" is a great way to describe it. Thanks for the good wishes, I'm going to try! Have a great day, Beka! p.s. - how long until football season, and what is this "baseball" that everyone keeps talking about? :)

  4. Oh, you will go through stages Momma. I always need my time alone. Which is why when the kids were young I went out of my mind. With his working 60+ hours a week plus commuting there was no time for me to get out alone.

    Now, he's hired on and the kids are teens. When the time intersects for me to get alone time, it's quite marvelous.

    I need to schedule some alone time out in the trailer in the backyard. But I feel guilty doing so. Yet, I'm the only one in the house that needs this alone time. Why does it feel so guilty to ask for it? ARGHHHH


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