Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Freezer Is Running

So I'd better go catch it... har har har...

I tried to find a picture of a freezer.
One with legs.
They don't exist.
So I figured Tiny Dancer was a good substitute.
You're welcome.

But no, really.  Our chest freezer.  The one that sat in our carport for months, before moving to our kitchen for more months, before finally being removed to the laundry room where it rightfully belongs.  It's finally running.  We were given this freezer many many moons ago, but never had cause to use it.

Until last week.

What happened last week, you ask?  A moment of temporary insanity, I believe.  Or perhaps it was a moment that payed homage to American ingenuity and the almighty sales pitch.  Either way.  We bought meat from a guy who drove up to our house with a chest freezer in the back of his pickup and a mouthful of promises.  "Best meat [we'll] ever eat" and "This should last you 9-12 months" and "If you don't like it, I'll come back and get it from you".  

I'm not telling you how much we bought, because I reserve the right to hide my shame from the public.  But let's just say it was enough to fire up the freezer in the basement.  I've tried some of the chicken, and it really is quite good...  But alas, the jury is still out on this one until we (a) see how long it lasts us and (b) try the fillets.  Because you never really know until you try the fillet.  That's what I'm telling myself.  

What about you?  What's the strangest thing you've bought while standing on your front stoop?  Or is this just me?
<3 M.


  1. I don't buy things from people at my door any more. I bought cookie dough once to help a local junior football team and never got it. I really wanted that cookie dough.
    My parents go halvsies with my aunt to buy a whole cow every once in a while so they use their giant freezer for that.

    1. You never got it? Whoa, that's a problem right there. Handsome has also instituted the "Don't buy on your doorstep" rule from here on out.

  2. We have a guard dog, he doesn't allow us to buy things off of our doorstep! We scared a Jehovah's Witness away with him once, he might have jumped on her & my dad may have told her he hadn't bitten 2 days, jokingly of course. This happened LAST Easter, and we haven't had a JW since! Good times!


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