Friday, March 29, 2013


I've already posted once about facebook this week.  That was this week, right?  Either way, it's not going to be my habit to talk about FB on here, but I read something on there this morning, and it touched my heart.  I just had to share it with you.

Two words: Suspended Coffee.

There's an article on it here, which is different from what I read on facebook, but it explains the premise.  In case you don't like clicking on links, I'll also explain the premise.  You go to your coffee shop.  You say "I'd like 3 coffees.  One for me, two suspended."  You pay for 3.  You get 1.  You leave.  You've not been ripped off.  You've donated two coffees, so that if someone comes by later who is cold, or tired, or worn down, and they would like a coffee but cannot pay, they can still have one.  

It doesn't have to be coffee, y'all.  Think about where this could go.  Suspended sandwiches.  Suspended pancakes.  Suspended Prius.  Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  But I love this.  Some would call it "paying it forward".  I call it love.  Loving those around you, even though you don't know who they are.  

Another bonus?  The person who gets the suspended __(whatever)__ doesn't have to ask for a handout.  They don't have to say "can I have some free food because I'm poor and needy."  They just ask "Do you have any suspended __(whatevers)__?"  It might not be much different, but its different enough.  And, for the skeptics/concerned citizens/my husband, you know that your money has gone towards what you meant for it to go towards, and not booze or baseball tickets.

Wanna know what else?  I thought to myself, "I shouldn't write about this today.  It has nothing to do with Easter.  I should write about something Easter-y."  REALLY SELF?  Really?  Someone else, paying for me before they even met me, taking the cost upon themselves so that I may have a gift?  That has nothing to do with Easter?  Really????"  Apparently, I need my theology checked.  Because thinking about it now, I'm 100% sure that suspended coffee has everything to do with Easter.  

Easter is about Jesus.  (Sorry, Bunny.)  It's about how Jesus, the Son of God, came to this earth, lived a blameless life, and yet was willing to allow Himself to be crucified for our sake, and then beat the pants off of death by rising again.  It's as though He said to God, "I'll take everyone ever's hope for eternity.  Suspended."  and then He paid for them.  So that later, when I realized I was wretched and in need, I could go to God and say "Do you have any suspended eternities?" God could say, "Why yes, yes I do.  Here, have eternal life and a side of Peace now, on Jesus."

Happy Easter, all.  Remember that someone else has already paid for you.  Be aware of ways you can "suspend" things for others.  Much love.
<3 M.


  1. Right on! i like that visual this presents!

  2. yes yes yes. I cashed on a suspended eternity too. What a beautiful way to see it. Ahh I just love this. Can't even make my hand type the words to adequately explain the heart explosion that just happened.

  3. Best thing you've ever written on this blog. That baby hasn't taken all your brain cells after all. Seriously beautiful.

  4. PERFECT. That story does fit so perfectly with Easter. I love it so much. I'm so thankful I can receive a suspended eternity from God. And so thankful for friends like you and posts like this one! Happy Easter, friend! You are beautiful inside and out :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm gonna come up with something to suspend this week! I'll let you know!

  6. I'm misty. I blame you. And Jesus.


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