Tuesday, June 3, 2014

French and Other Things

I'm in Montreal, friends, and its so... French.  And yet still Canadian.  Or Canadienne, depending on your predilection.  I had my final conference presentation as a student today, and it went really well - apparently, I play pretty well to French audiences.  Je m'appelle Ariel. (That was my French name in high school.)

I love the Frenchness in the air so much.  I haven't gotten much of a chance to use my 4 years of hard-earned Francais ever since I finished French IV and then tested into French I in college.  Nope.  But last night, I told my server "Bon soir!" and the homeless man in the street bowed and wished me a beautiful night, "madameoiselle".  I'm able to read a lot of the signs around town, and I can get a working knowledge of instructions, so long as they are told slow enough.  I had some frites for lunch, then la glace for dessert.  Its everything I could wish, if I had even known to wish.  I had actually forgotten that there was going to be Frenchosity here, so it was a fabulous surprise!

Friendly PSA - if you have to chose between too-small and too-big shoes, always chose the too-small.  Big shoes won't shrink, but small shoes might stretch.  I made that mistake today, and I now have a pair of 2-inch black heels, Nine West brand.  Anyone interested? 9 1/2, which is apparently a half-size bigger than what my feet require.  Who knew!?

I've currently shut down my online shops, seeing as I've got 5 weeks to finish my PhD dissertation, 7 weeks to prepare to defend it, and 9 weeks to pack up my house, so...  I've had so much fun designing and then making the bags, but I've gotta take a break for at least a little while, in order to do my best work.  Thank you all so much for the support and purchases!  I will be sure to let y'all know when I'm able to re-open.

And now, I'm going to nap.  Because when Mama is away, she gets to nap whenever she wants to.  And she doesn't change any diapers, and she misses it all just a little too much.  Peace & love, friends.
<3 M.

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