Hmm… today’s truth… today’s grace… today’s gifts…  NAPS.  That’d have to be the lesson for today.  I don’t know much (but I know I love you), but I’ll share what I’ve got!31 Days TGG Day 2

Today’s Truth: It is not my job to make her sleep.  It is my job to give her an environment that is conducive to sleep.  It is my job to interact with her when she’s awake so that she gets tired.  It is my job to give her opportunities to sleep.  It is not my job to make her sleep.  Only Jesus & Riley can make that magic happen.  I was going to write “and benadryl” up there, but thought perhaps its not so funny… and perhaps you might judge me…

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31 Days T/G/G :: Day 3 Blog

Fri May 3 , 2013
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31 Days TGG Day 2