Hello friends!

I’m not sure what you’d like to know about me, but I’ll share what I feel is pertinent.  And some thats not.


This is myself and my Handsome.   He’s a full-time & part-time & volunteer firefighter and Paramedic, in various locations around where we live in upstate SC.  I’m a graduate student working on my PhD in Industrial Engineering.  I was going the Math track, but got tired of proving and deriving and whatnot, so I’ve switched degree programs and spend all of my time with engineers.


When the two of us started dating in high school, I told Handsome I would date him for 5 years, and after that I would need a position change or there would be a personnel change.  A little bold, but he took it to the limit (per his usual), and we dated for 4 years, 7 months, until he finally proposed.  We were married a year later, in front of 550 of our closest friends and mostly relatives, and promptly left all of our family and familiar surroundings and moved to The South.  And we love it here.


I’m in love with my husband and with God, although its sometimes tricky to figure out what that really means in a non-jean-jumper-floral-quilted-bible-cover-nothing-ever-goes-wrong sort of way.  Handsome and I both love the outdoors, our not-so-smart dog Duke, and adventures.

I’m the more emotional one, and can get pretty excited about: holidays, marriage, family, cooking, dreams, plans, and Pittsburgh Steelers Football.  In a friend, I value honesty, humbleness, wit, compassion, creativeness, and a relaxed attitude.  I can go from sweat pants, eye-boogers, and morning breath to dressed, showered, and ready to leave in about 17 minutes.  Handsome owns more clothes than I do.  My dearest dream, even after all of these many years of schooling, is to be a stay-at-home mom, who lives on a working farm, and has a fruit stand where she sells fruit (obviously), vegetables, preserves, baked goods, quilts, and leather things.


Part of making my dream come true is the addition of our Riley-Girl, or RG as she is affectionately referred to, since I text a lot and Riley has soooo many more letters than RG.  She’s 14 months (as of April ’14) and loves eating, her books, and pushing her bike.  I’d say that she loves bubble baths as well, but its starting to sound too much like a personal ad, and so I won’t say that she loves bubble baths, even though she does.About

And I think thats all.  I’m figuring out what it means to be a wife of a firefighter, as he is certainly not the business major I married.  We’re making a home and carving a life for ourselves, and enjoying (most of the time) this adventure that God has sent us on.  Hopefully you enjoy the adventure as well!