Friday.  Yep.  That’s my birthday.  2-8, I do believe.  I could do the math, but, well, no.

And then, infinitely more exciting to me, RG’s birthday is in less than 4 weeks.

So I’ve got 2 kinds of birthday crazy.  The first, regarding my own birthday, is total anxiety and nervousness crazy.  Like, “I could never have a party because what if no one came.  Or worse, what if they did and then didn’t have fun.  Oh my-lanta!”  However, I love to celebrate.  So this year, some friends and I are going out to dinner to celebrate Friday.  And I don’t know what we’re going to talk about and I don’t know if anyone is going to have fun and I’d rather not think about it, or else I’ll end up in my basement alone eating these and drinking wine.

Blah.  Issues.

But my girl Riley, her birthday gives me nothing but joy to think about.  The kind of joy that maaaaybe gets taken a little too far and ends up with a super “I’m smiling so big because I’m super stressed out but I want so badly to be happy about it” face.  You know, like this:

But I’m not scared.  I’m not going to be dissuaded.  I’ve got a plan.  And I’ve got pinterest.  And 2-day shipping.  I can make this house come alive with sprinkles, I just know it! (The first in a series of lies I’ve been telling myself as of late.  Let the listing begin.)
That’s the theme.  Sprinkles, not lies.  Because, you know, every party needs a theme.  *FALSE*

And I’m sure I’ll have enough time to do the prep for the Sprinkles Are The Best (p.s.- Riley’s 1) party, in addition to cleaning *FALSE*.  And working on my dissertation.  And cooking. And cleaning some more.  And grading.  And sewing leather purses.  (C’mon, the leather isn’t going to sew itself! – That one’s true!)

I’m also positive that we can fit the 40 people we’re inviting into our house for the Sprinkles Equal Love party. *FALSE*

What Riley real needs, instead of time to practice her almost-walking skills while holding my hands, is some hand-strung pom-pom garland.  And sprinkle-filled balloons   And cute little printables identifying all of the sprinkled foods.  *FALSER*

Unless this party is even more pin-worthy than the pins I’ve pinned for it, the Sprinkles Are A Girl’s Best Friend party will be a total failure. *FALSEST*

Seriously, though.  While I’m excited for Riley’s party, and I want to do a bazilligon things for it, I know that I need to limit my pinterest time when it comes to this.  Seriously, I’m going the way of Hill up there, and I haven’t actually tried to do anything to get ready.  I just gathered a few ideas.  I don’t even have any sprinkles in the house.  I’m scared to buy some, scared that I won’t be able to stop.  I’m gonna sprinkle every ding dang thing.  But I’m also striving for moderation.  With sprinkles on top.

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