The way she looks at him, it melts my heart.  The names he calls her, they’re special.  She’s his booogy, his stinkpot, his sweet babee.

Watching your husband become a dad, its really something different.  Something precious.  He plays with her in ways I’d never think to.  He lets her do things I don’t think she’s ready for, but she is.  He tickles and startles and smooches.  I’m pretty sure he’s ready to buy her a pony if she’d just ask.  He already likes to pretend that he got the motorcycle for her.

This time last year, a baby was just an idea.  I’d told handsome we were pregnant by giving him a father’s day card.  And sure, he was technically a father then.  But now?  Now he’s earned it.  Happiest of Father’s Days, my love.  You’re a wonderful daddy, and as always, a great husband.  You’re doing it right.  You can tell, because we’re all still laughing.

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My Empty Arms

Wed Aug 7 , 2013
Yesterday was a long day.  Even for pre-mama-me, it would have been long.  New Faculty Orientation, for 8 1/2 hours + 1 room + 19 […]
My Empty Arms