You know, I just realized that our little hashtag up there could be misconstrued to mean “Reject Risks!”

Sooo not it at all.

No, my dear one.  Some friends & I are linking up to share the ways that we risk getting rejected in the month of January.  Reject risktaking?  Heck no.  This is about embracing risks, about being open to rejection, so as not to be limited by the fear of it.

Last week, I told you my main risky business for the month.  Submitting papers, doing as God prompts, and attempting to crowdfund a new laptop for Nicole.  Well, I’m still doing those.  My risks, they’re on-going.  The papers, they have a finish line, but its a ways off.  I’ve been making some progress, and now I have to prepare a multi-commodity data set for optimization analysis.  In case you wanted to know.  They’re still a ways off from being outright rejected, but don’t worry, I’ll share every last rejection letter on here.  I’ve also taken the opportunity to re-email a friend of mine who had responded with… well, nothing, no response.  This time I got a somewhat response, so that’s something!

And Nicole’s laptop fund?  Well, after I wrote about it last week, y’all were so kind as to check it out, and some of you gave $$ towards it, which is way kind.  Seriously, I appreciate it so much!  But I’m realizing that I’m not likely to get this done on my own.  So I’m stepping out here, and I’m asking you to share.  I’ve made a button (I think…)

Follow Through #RiskRejection

That you can throw on your blogs, if you have ’em. Or you can share directly from the crowdfunding site and share on twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc. Lots of options. Share, share, share, people!

I’m going to be honest. Part of me wants to say “Oh, whelp, I tried. Too bad it didn’t work out.” and then quit. Because my follow-through isn’t the greatest. I know this about myself, although I don’t really like it. I’m working on it. But I’ve found, similarly to how the only way to grow patience is to have your patience tested, the only way to become better at follow-through is to give yourself opportunities to follow through.

Which means comittment.

Which is risky.

Because what if I fail, like I’ve failed so many times before? What if I cause more damage by promising and then not showing up, than I would have if I would have sat back and let someone else do it?

But what if I don’t do it? What if I don’t act? Well, I’ll be bored. And I’ll miss about a gazillion opportunities to do awesome things. And I won’t have mattered much. Because while you need a flash-in-the-pan person every now and again, what people really need are people who stay. Who perseveres with them. Who are dependable and who show up, time and time again.

I want to be a person like that, but its risky. If I screw up in an important situation, I’m likely not ever going to be allowed back within the “circle of trust”, you know what I’m sayin’?

Too bad.

I’m risking it.

First, I refuse to let this crowdfunding thing die. If you can/did give, that’s fantastic. Seriously. I’m a fan-o-yours. But even if you didn’t, could you please share? Tweet, facebook, pin, whatever works for you. The more people who see it, the more likely we are to actually reach that goal! And keep those sweet comments coming on the page, I’m going to include them for Nicole when we actually fund this thing!

Second, I partnered up with a teacher friend of mine to provide snacks for her 4th graders. Some of them don’t have snacks to eat at snacktime. A lot of those same kids didn’t have breakfast and likely won’t have dinner. Hungry 9 year-olds doesn’t sit well with me. And although I knew there was a chance I could do it once and stop, I don’t want to. Its been about 6 weeks now that I’ve gotten granola bars and fruit ready for those kids. I’m loving it! I know I’m doing something tangible to love on them. Hopefully, with their full bellies, they’re being a bit more ‘have for my teacher friend, as well! I’m going to do this until the end of the school year. I am. And the kids, well, they ask about more when the supply runs low, so I know they’re counting on me.

Third, I’ve made some new friends lately. Which sounds all butterflies and sunshine, but its also scary-making. New friends means new demands on time and more people not to let down. (And, dear new friends, if you’re reading this, I’m glad to have to deal with the “problem” that is your friendship!) But all the same, its easier to not have anyone counting on you. Too bad. I’m risking the fact that they might not like me as much as they thought they would, or that they might expect me to make time for them (as any good friend should, I know). I’m risking the fact that I might blow it and get hurt. Because its worth it.

So those are my risks for this week. That’s where I’m putting myself out there. What risky business have you gotten yourself into? Are you awesome at follow-through? Teach me your ways!

<3 M.

p.s.- I don’t know what happened with the font midway through.

Please ignore it 🙂

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