I’m a terrible decorator.  It’s an actual deficiency.  Although I won’t say that it’s my mother’s fault, it’s my mother’s fault.  She didn’t really instill a love of decor in me, and I never thought it cultivate it myself.  So as I’ve had this home of my own and attempted to make it look more like an adult’s abode and less like a college crash pad, it has been an uphill battle.  I’ve made some mistakes, although I’ve mostly done nothing which is attested to by the overwhelming number of bare, contractor-beige walls that characterize our home.
But two weeks ago, I went out on a limb.  I bought curtains.  Now, we had curtains already, but I disregarded the “do not machine wash” label and the blackout backing stuck to itself and ended up horrible.  We hung them back up anyhow, as some curtains are better than no curtains at all.  But I had some Christmas $$ burning a hole in my pocket, and I found a slew of great deals for World Market, including but not limited to: 10% off your order, $10 off orders of $30, and 10% cash back.  Oh, and the curtains I bought? 50% off.  Even with shipping, I paid less than 45% of the total price.  I was a bargain samurai.

And so I showed the curtains to handsome before I bought them.  And he says to me “Really?  You’re going to go with a pattern?” and I defended my choice with a simple “Yes, yes I am.”  To which he responded “Well, if you want to decorate this place like a preschool, that’s your choice.”

The pattern in question?

And so the curtains arrived and I put them up and you know what?  I don’t regret them at all.  I think they’re fitting in quite nicely, and in the one corner of the room, it actually looks like maybe an adult or two live here!Grown-Up Decorating

I mean, it’s no staged-window from WM, but it works for me.  In fact, I made it work for me by frankensteining an extra curtain pannel onto either side of this window’s set of curtains, because my window is just so dang big.  And the patterns don’t quite match up.  And maybe that is a wee bit preschooler-ish.  But whatevs.  I’m making strides towards adulthood, I can feel it.Grown-Up Decorating

Off to eat my milk & cookies!

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