Dear friend.

It’s Valentine’s Day again.

And in this house, we can be pretty awful about celebrating it.  Because really, it’s just made up.  And really, we try to be in love everyday.  And definitely because really, it’s just too much pressure to perform.

Handsome actually hit a home run, or at least a double, this year, when he came home with two potted red Tulips, one for me and one for our girl.  It makes me wonder what he would do if we had a boy, if my big-hearted man would give his son a valentine, but I suppose we’ll have to wait to find out about that [note: not preggers, just hypothesizing].

However, he brought the tulips home on Wednesday, when he was off work, because he wasn’t going to be here on Thursday, which he thought was V-day.  It’s not.  You know this.  You’re reading this on the actual holiday.  I can’t explain his difficulty with remembering that Valentines day is February 14th; it’s not even one of those roaming holidays, like Thanksgiving.  But either way, he thought of me & Riley while he was returning the Redbox movie at the grocery store, and brought us a token to show he cares.

I just love the light and color they bring to our house.  They seem to be loving living here, as there was no where near that much bloom on them yesterday.

Now, we’re off to visit and celebrate this Friday with some friends & their babies & their puppies.  Just because it’s a Friday, and not because of anything else.  But before I go, I wanted to let you know that Jhat has written a Valentine for you, whoever you are, and it is totes worth reading.  And I wanted to tell you that I’m going to be closing up the Get Miss Neesby a Laptop Crowdfunding at the end of this  month, but I feel like it’s important to give it at least one last big push.  So I’m hosting a G&M giveaway, an iPod/clutch, for those of you who share about the GMNANLT (I keep changing the acronym  I hope you’re okay with that!).  Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter!  This giveaway is open through 2/21/14 – a whole week

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