Baby stroller is always one of the essential items for use from 0 to 36 months of age. A stroller will connect with the outside world. It also helps the parents to care for the baby. Each model and design of the stroller varies from one baby to others depending on their age and size. Likewise, for parents, if you are taller or taller than average, pushing a typical stroller will strain your back and neck. To overcome these pains there are super-compact models, especially an umbrella stroller. We name an umbrella stroller for its shape, with a fabric seat for the baby to sit in. The best umbrella stroller for tall parents is especially a perfect solution for babies and parents. Choosing a stroller is a challenging task for parents, as it’s the best supportive gear for babies and parents.

However, baby strollers accumulate dirt and germs while you were in and out. While using a stroller with babies these are unavoidable. Taking the time to clean your baby stroller helps keep your baby healthy.  Recently, many parents have asked: “How to clean the baby stroller?”, “How long will it take to clean the cart?” or “Which parts of the vehicle we should clean?”.

Cleaning a stroller is one thing we can all do. We used to ignore it as we feel it as tedious work. But it’s easier than you think to clean a stroller. Understanding the concerns and thoughts of our parents today, we answer all the details related to clean the baby stroller.

Stroller with your baby to explore the world

Why do you say the stroller for children is a friend and fun to explore the world around? Because when they are young, they cannot sit or accompany them to explore everywhere, so they will need a stroller to help them and their parents out.

As babies are unique, there are unique strollers required for tall parents especially with the handles. Some parents were short, some were tall, and some were tall above average. We have to look at different factors when choosing the best umbrella stroller for tall parents. It should equip with handle height, durable, and stands up to a regular day to day use. Strollers play a vital role in the initial development of the baby to explore the outside world.

When exposed to a lot on regular use, long-lasting dirt clinging to it is inevitable. Children are so messy and spill food and drink when using the car. Stroller hygiene is always good for your baby. If left for too long, the bacteria will accumulate and cause damage to the skin and body.How to Wash Stroller

Why clean a baby stroller

Strollers are one among the carriers of germs as baby gear. Babies will have low immunity when compared to adults. It’s important to ensure that a toy, baby equipment, or a stroller should be clean and germ-free. As the stroller is indispensable gear for babies used regularly, regular cleaning is imperative.

How to clean a baby stroller

The following are necessary parts to be cleaned in the baby stroller.

  • The fabric
  • The frame
  • The wheels
  • The accessories (Hood, Canopy, Sunshade, Basket, Tray)

Mattress of stroller

The car mattress is always the intrinsic part of a stroller because it makes the baby feel more comfortable when using the car even for an entire day. We should clean the fabric areas using a vacuum cleaner. We can also use clean soft cloths or microfiber. Clean in lukewarm water with a mild soap or washing powder, which is safe for babies.

After cleaning you can use disinfecting baby-safe wipes. Every parent wants their children to be healthy. So clean the mattress every week or every month, depending on the usage. If you use a brush, gently avoid the mattress torn. Especially with some models of rear carts, you can also machine wash or hand washing threads.

Clean roofs and straps

We should check the user manual given by manufacturers before cleaning strollers. They make baby strollers from unique types of materials depending on the model. They may have water repellent materials.

The roof and the straps are the two parts easy to clean, you just need to use a small soft broom to brush the dirt off the roof. For straps, you must remove the stickers on the right and left sides of the car to make charging easier with washing powder.

Clean the frame and body

Before cleaning the frame, cup holders, bumper bars or feeding trays should get removed. You can clean separately when it’s removed. With the chassis, use a soft cloth dampened when cleaning and wipe away the dirt on the chassis.

Depending on the vehicle, some have trays or some don’t. If your baby’s car has a feeding tray, disassemble and wash them thoroughly with some warm water. Then squeeze out excess water if any. Clean every day because the feeding tray is also one of the important parts of your baby’s food and water.

Strollers made of aluminum alloy or steel alloy, if cleaned regularly with chemicals, the car will be prone to oxidation and corrosion reactions. So you should not use chemicals to clean the chassis. Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean baby trays of food containers. As the baby will have a weak immune system, they get easily affected by chemical agents.


This is an important part of the car to move the stroller. If you walk with your baby out on a rainy day, the wheels will get sticky with dirt. If you do not clean them for a long time, stains will harden and the axles of the wheels will get worn and damaged. So when the wheel is dirty, clean immediately.

You can use baby wipes to wash around rims and wheels. If the stroller has air tires, you can use a hand pump to pump out. Don’t over-inflate them. Check to ensure wheels are functioning smoothly. Use a water jet and spray hard on the 4-wheel system of the stroller to clean through the dirt on the wheel.

You should use a brush for rubbing the wheel completely, remove the dirt sticking to the interstitial of the wheel. Use a few pieces of a wet blanket on the axis of the wheel and wipe away the dirt sticking on the wheel axle.How to Wash Stroller

The steps about cleaning a stroller

Step 1: Clean the wheel of the stroller

The stroller wheel is the first dirty parts to clean before cleaning other parts. You can clean it by dipping a brush into a mix of warm water and washing liquid. By scrubbing the wheels firmly, you can rub the built-up dirt. For stubborn marks use boiling water to clean and leave the air of the wheels dry. The axle of the wheel will get corroded, so clean the wheel of the stroller before thinking about cleaning the other parts.

You can use a water jet and spray hard on the 4-wheel system of the stroller to clean the dirt on the wheel preliminarily. Then use a strong brush to remove the wheel. Remove dirt attached to the interstitial of the wheel, wheel’s axis, using wet pads, and wipe away the dirt on the wheel.

Step 2: Clean the roof of the stroller

Wear a mask before cleaning the roof and mattress fabric so you won’t inhale any dust. The roof section of the baby stroller only needs to use a soft broom. If any dirt remains, wet the area using lemon juice and salt.

Step 3: Clean the frame and tray for the stroller

After cleaning, the 2 parts continue to clean the chassis and food tray of the baby car. You can remove the food tray and wash it with water. Pay attention to the stroller’s frame by using a soft cloth dampened and wipes off the dirt. Remember, the frame of the stroller made of alloy aluminum or steel alloy if exposed to chemicals, it will cause oxidation and corrosion, so you should not use chemicals to clean the chassis.


Above are 3 basic steps to help mothers can clean the baby stroller simply and easily. Usually, clean the stroller once in every 6 months. Also, avoid leaving the car in a humid place. The fabric parts such as mattresses, roofs, safety belts, which may be moldy, may easily rust, the axles may get rusted. The best umbrella stroller for tall parents is not only a choice of a stroller for above-average height parents it’s also the best stroller for easy cleaning. As it is lightweight and easy for maintenance. Besides, the article will provide more useful information for mothers to clean a stroller and advice using a baby stroller properly.