This guy is having a birthday today:Let's Hear It For My Man!

My husband likes boring things.  Does anyone else feel that way?  I mean, about the people in your life, not my husband (per say…).  When he told me what he wanted for his birthday, I just stared at him.  Wool toe socks?  Really?  No, I mean, REALLY?  Yep.  BO-RING.  He wanted a heart rate monitor watch, a wool base layer, and these:

Let's Hear It For My Man!

I took him grocery shopping with me (which usually results in him being bored and ramming me with the grocery cart, but thankfully not this time), and struck up a conversation regarding what he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He informed me that he was actually scheduled for some hospital clinical hours on his birthday, and so there would be no birthday dinner.  Hmm…  He then picked up these babies, with longing in his eye, and talked about how delicious they would be.  So we got them, as half of his special birthday treat.  When he eats them, his breath smells like formaldehyde. The part where I don’t make him eat them outside and brush his teeth immediately afterwards is the other half.

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Baking and #instarecipes