Sometimes, life is sort of difficult.  Sometimes it’s just plain hard.  Sometimes it’s confusing.  I know personally, I’m constantly trying to figure out if I’m the kind of person who has a clean fridge face, or the kind who covers it with photos.  Right now, the photos are winner.  Other things are more pressing, like storage problems that are actually stuff problems, and deciding whether to be hospitable if it means cleaning my house, and what to do when cold weather hits.  Maybe you have these problems.  Maybe you don’t.  In case you do, let me make things easier for you with a few helpful things I’ve found.

Let's Make It Easy

1. Terry-lined Wool Socks.  These things make my life.  It’s amazing how much warmer your body feels when your feet are warm!  And trust me, these things will give you warm feet.  Make sure you get the kind that are lined, though (like the ones in the link), because that’s like the difference between Swiss Miss and Real Hot Chocolate.  Both will warm you up, but you’ll be so much happier with the later!
2.  Dropbox.  This is my storage/have the right papers when I need them solution.  Now, I’m not a technical person, so bear with my ridiculously over-simplified explanation here, but this is what Dropbox is – a magical folder, out in space.  You can access it from anywhere with internet, and you save stuff in it.  Photos?  Automatically uploads and saves them, if you want it to (super fast, too).  Documents you need both at work and at home?  Not a problem.  Video you want to share with your brother but not the world (youtube)?  Upload it to Dropbox, share it with the brosef, and boom!  You’re both laughing at the dramatic lemur, 2000+ miles apart.
You can even use it on your smart phone.  Oh, and it’s free.  Which is awesome.  You can pay for a ton of extra space, but you don’t have to.  So check it out.  I just got my Madre hooked up, and now we can share pictures of the kiddos in our family, so we don’t have to steal low-quality ones off of facebook anymore.

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