It is so nice here.  SO nice.  65 and sunny, nice.  And if its not nice where you are, well, come visit me here.  But when you come visit me here, you should know that this article pretty much perfectly describes my philosophy on life and housekeeping and friendships so, well, I hope you can live with that.

Speaking of friendships, I went to the dentist’s office today, where my good friend Tonya cleaned my teeth.  Is that weird?  Having your good friend take care of your personal hygiene?  Handsome kind of gets weird-ed out if he thinks about it too long.  Me, I’m just glad not to have to make awkward conversation with a stranger while they notice how much I don’t floss.

I’ve gotten some fancy fabric in lately, and if you’ve been thinking that you might like a pretty leather purse to kick off your February, consider a custom order with some of this gorgeousness as your interior…  I’ve also recently placed an order for “soft as buttah” black leather, in case that trips your trigger.  I’m open to custom orders, so feel free to check out my shop & message me!Monday Hello!

Anyhow, I’ve got clean teeth, my baby girl is back at the babysitter’s this week, and I’ve got the windows open and assignments to grade and purses to sew.  It’s a glorious day and I hope you’re finding some enjoyment in it!  I’ve got 3 hard days of work & lonely-parenting ahead of me, to be followed by a glorious, visitor-filled baby girl’s birthday weekend.  WooHoo!  Bring on the week!

<3 M.

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