Every time we visit, we’ve got a priority list.  It goes like this: See the people who weren’t born last time you were here.  See the people who are too young to understand where you go when you go “home”.  See the people who birthed your parents.  See the parents.  See anyone else.  Boom.

This year, I got to meet one new-to-the-world person (Sweet Ellie!).  I wanted to meet two new people, but unfortunately, my sister wouldn’t have her baby so that I could say “hi”.  In fact, she’s still not had my newest niece, and I’m growing quite impatient!  We also added one more necessary person to our list this year: See Santa.

Is this the way you go about your list?  We find it really difficult to squeeze in time with friends, due partially to the fact that we have gigundus families, and also because we like to try and relax just a teensy little bit, since we burn up nearly all of Handsome’s vacation time with trips to the GWN.

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Birthday Crazy

Tue Jan 14 , 2014
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