So, it’s been quiet around here. My last real post was all about waiting, and then I left you doing just that. Well, we had our baby. Surprise! Despite what it seemed like, I was not destined to be the woman who was pregnant forever. On January 23, 2015, at 7:50 am, Mr. Rhys (“Reese”) Christopher Magagnotti was born into the world, all 9 pounds, 1 ounce, 22 1/4 inches of him. Rhys Christopher We Have a Son

When the doctor told us we had a son (“a real big baby, a BIG baby, it’s a BIG baby boy!”) Handsome and I looked at each other in disbelief. I mean, we knew that it was possible, a 50/50 chance even, but we had convinced ourselves that it would probably be a girl. We’d only ever had girls before… All one times…Rhys Christopher We Have a Son

Since then, these past six weeks, we’ve been figuring out life with two littles.  It’s not quite how I expected it, but we are finding so many … Chunks, I guess you’d say, of joy each day. I was going to say “snippets” of joy, but really they’re big pieces, not small, so chunks seems more appropriate.Rhys Christopher We Have a Son Most of my day is spent juggling opposing naptimes, and keeping everybody fed. When both kiddos are awake at the same time, I’m nearly exclusively focused on keeping Riley Girl from accidentally loving Rhys to death. It’s a serious concernRhys Christopher We Have a Son

These days, they are sweet, even if I sometimes forget it in the middle of everybody crying at once. They are passing quickly and slowly, as all days do. Like I told a friend, it’s been 6 weeks, which is a really short time for a new person to be in this world, and a really long time to be sleep deprived.  We are learning more about our little guy’s laid-back personality each day, and watching Riley love him has been completely heart-exploding (❤️💥).  I am recovered from my C-section, and Rhys is now recovered from his bout with RSV that had us both wearing hospital bracelets last weekend. It’s been a doozy, but it’s been good.

And that is what I have to share, friends. I’ve got more words swirling around but not a lot of time 🙂 I’m writing this via my phone, which I use to keep track of feedings, so if it works out well, I may be able to post more frequently! Here’s hoping! What are y’all up to? Who’s frozen out there? Catch me up!

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