Most of my life is an open book.  You know when I’ve baked too much, what I wear on my feet, and how really really ridiculous my dog is.  But one of the reasons I started this was to be more open about my actual self, not just the witty, self-depreciating, creating-addicted self.  To give more voice to the me that I felt few people knew.

So I did that for a while.  I shared what was on my heart, even when it was ugly or worrisome or embarrassing.  And then lately, I’ve been avoiding it.  Really, ever since I got back from PA.  Heck, maybe even before I left. But purposefully, I’ve been avoiding my heart ever since PA.

The trip was fantastic, and I got to see so many friendly faces.  The love they poured out for me & D’man and this bambino was overwhelming.  And then, Sunday morning, I went to church.  The sermon was on… something.  Something about not hoarding.  I was paying attention, don’t get me wrong, but I was also just basking in the feeling of being in the place where I had grown up in my faith.  Just enjoying it.  Then came the wrap-up.  Pastor T, he said something to the effect of, “How do you apply this?  How does this actually impact your life?  Well I’m glad you asked.” and he went on to say that, while most of us struggle with a storage issue – too much stuff, there are those not too very far away that struggle because they have nothing.

Let’s just say, he had my attention.

Then he said that winter was coming, and up in PA, it gets cold.  He had been in contact with some homeless organizations, and they named a lack of shoes and coats as their chief problem for winter.  So today, prepared or not, they would be collecting our coats and shoes.  If you wanted to give them.  If you could give them.  If God so moved you to give them.

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