1.  I have a “very big [baby] belly”.  That’s apparently the medical term for it, as this judgement came from my OB after our talk about delivery options and projected baby size.  Its not big deal (ha! punny!), I’m just measuring 3 weeks ahead despite a solid expected due date.  Giant baby, here you come, 8 weeks and counting!
  2.  I like having curtains.  I forgot this.  I do know about myself that I’m very much a “function over form” type of gal.  Above all else, it has to be practical.  And so when we moved it and there were already blinds, I didn’t feel any necessity in also hanging curtains.  When I realized that the blinds weren’t actuallyfunctional, and finally sprung for some drapes from TJMaxx’s, I realized that adding homey touches in fact makes a place feel more like a home.  Who knew?!?  Of course, I didn’t go so far as to be particular about my curtains or iron them before hanging (sorry Cori!!), but all the same, they make it feel so much more cozy in our house, I might even put some on the other windows!
  3.  Its nice to have your mattress up off the floor.  See above, but substitute the words “bed frame” for “curtains”.  Sometimes it can feel downright indulgent not to live like a broke college student.
  4.  Thanksgiving is more difficult to plan when you have pregnancy brain and a toddler.  I did it, and I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t able to totally throw myself into the planning and anticipation of it like I usually do.  Yes, there was this list, but then I forgot about it all for about 2 1/2 weeks.  Luckily, the food did not suffer.  All of the items that were supposed to go in the refrigerator and were accidentally placed in the pantry were caught before spoilage could occur…
  5.  My daughter is a tried-and-true, to-the-bone, extrovert.  I do not understand this.  I marvel at it, really.  But she is, just like her daddy.  She draws energy from being around people, even strangers, and although she *can* play independently, she’d rather do it in the same place that you are, whoever you are.  Really, I do mean you.  Whoever you are reading this, she’d rather play near you than by herself.  I’m filing this one away under “Future issues with identifying ‘strangers'”.
    6.  Shoveling snow while 7 mo. pregnant is ill-advised.  Dear lower back – I said I was sorry.
    7.  I am not a black-Friday shopper.  I’m not a shopper under the best of circumstances, but I’m most definitely not a shopper at wee hours of the morning, and I have no patience for the inefficiency of waiting in line for 52 minutes (hypothetically) to get 30% off.  However, I do enjoy making friends when bound by the ties of shared misery and uncomfortable shoes. (Good luck hunting today, Mike!)
    8.  Varied crafting keeps my mind more occupied.  Although I did get the chance to sew a lot of purse orders this month, I also took the opportunity to knock out a quilt or two, and even made a garland for Thanksgiving!  Its not gorgeous, and it likely won’t stand the test of time, and I definitely did not get a good picture of it.  But once again, it made the place feel more homey, and apparently I like that.

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